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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Boise Bench: Cultural Cuisine

By Chelsea Chambers We are starting a new blog series highlighting the myriad of cultural food choices on the Boise Bench—including delicious flavors like mouth-watering...

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Boise

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day rounds the corner once again. Whether it’s a blossoming love your long-time partner, it’s time to...

Care for Hair

Local Salon Offers Complementary Hair Services to Cancer Patients By Monica Pierce Seven years ago, Diana Barela lost her 11-year-old niece to a rare childhood cancer....

Step Back in Time at the Dry Creek Historical Farm

A person looking to farmstead usually isn’t interested in buying land with a creek that goes dry, but in the early 1860s, New Yorker Phillip L. Schick did just that. He paid a $10 filing fee for a 160-acre land title by Boise in Dry Creek Valley using President Lincoln’s Homestead Act.

Big River Paranormal

Explaining the Unexplainable By Chelsea Chambers Photos Kimberlee Miller Halloween season is upon us, which means that for Cody Remer and the Big River Paranormal team, things...

Modern Midwifery

A Meaningful and Empowering Relationship By Kayli Corbin Photography Kimberlee Miller There are times in your life that pull from an untapped and undiscovered reservoir of strength....


Who Doesn’t Want to be a “Regular?” Story  Norris Krueger   Photos Kimberlee Miller I’m looking at a pile of loyalty cards on my desk… over...

Coffee Mill

Not your average coffee shop By Shelly West Photo Kimberlee Miller Nestled in East Boise’s Barber Valley on the Greenbelt, a new coffee shop—the Coffee Mill—has...

Riverside Hotel – The Perfect Stay-cation!

STORY AK TURNER | PHOTOS SUBMITTED Every summer my husband and I pack our bags, load up the truck with luggage, a cooler, bikes,...

The Yardarm

Story by Chelsea Chambers, Photos by Amanda Antilla yärd-ärm: the outer extremity of a ship’s yard. When the sun is over the yardarm, it’s time to...

The Secret to Aging Well? Five Minutes

Story by Liza Long, Photos by Dustin Bigovich Can five minutes change your life? I asked myself that question as I waited in a Genesis...

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Story by Veronica Lemaster, Photos by Amanda Antilla After sixteen years of working as a barista, Jeannie Jackson sold everything she owned to buy an...

From Garbage to Greetings

by Jillian Moroney Threds of tea bag wrappers, old stamps, beer labels, and plane tickets sit in baskets around watercolor washes in the colorful and...