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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Mary Ann Arnold: The History of Idaho and Legacy of a Woman

By Kayli Corbin Photography by Emma Thompson Mahatma Gandhi once said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can...

Food Land Market

International Grocery Store, Café, Bakery, and Restaurant By Chelsea Chambers One of our greatest—and most underrated—superpowers is our astonishing sense of smell. The olfactory receptors have...

History Nerd Shares Passion for Idaho

By Barb Law Shelley A conversation with Barbara Perry Bauer is as curiosity provoking and satisfying as a visit to a natural wonder. She makes...

Supporting Our Heroes

Wildland Firefighters are the unsung heroes of our community. They protect our public lands from raging wildfires. Wildland firefighters are truly family which makes the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) an integral part of the wildland firefighter community.

My Garth Experience

My Garth Experience Story by Tia Crabtree When Aron, the PR strategist for Garth Brooks, called and invited me for a one-on-one with Garth, I about...

Belmont Barbershop

Step back in time on Main street By Andrew Coussens Photography by Emma Thompson I was running late for an appointment at 1020 W. Main Street in...

One Stone

Raising awareness of greenbelt cyclist safety By Alec Batten Photography by Kimberlee Miller The Boise Greenbelt is a jewel of the Boise community. The 36-mile walking-and-biking path...

Smells of Idaho

Locally Made Candles Bring Scents of Popular Idaho Locations to Homes. There’s nothing like a fragrance that brings back doting memories, and that’s exactly what two Idaho locals intended to do. Eryn Mayer and Deseree Garcia met 16 years ago while doing hair at Graeber & Company. Mayer left to open her own salon, Bristle & Crown located on the bench.Feeling inspired, and looking for more retail to sell at her salon, Mayer turned to her kitchen and online tutorials to teach herself the art of making candles. She began selling her own line of candles under the same name.

Boise Farmers Market

New Location for an Iconic Boise Tradition Story Janelle Stear  Photos Kimberlee MillerAnnually from April through December, “the Boise Farmers Market focuses on local food,...

Making a Dream Come True

By Brittney Byrne Photography Kimberlee Miller Some people are born to be: ballerinas, teachers, or doctors, but Marcia Schaumburg with Ricochet Home Consignment was born to...

Solving the Mystery behind JUMP!

You will be inspired by this one- of-a-kind venue! By Janelle Stear Photography by Kimberlee Miller Have you seen that large, uniquely shaped building with the exterior...

Failed State Novel Succeeds

Author Highlight By Barb Law Shelley Photography by Kimberlee Miller Deployment, the movement of people or equipment to a position for military action, is not well understood. Perhaps...

Salvage Sisters & Son

Revealing the beauty in being rustic By Elle Parker Photography by Kimberlee Miller It’s no secret that flea markets and secondhand stores are becoming increasingly popular, and...