Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Fantastic World of Jerusha Lauren

Local artist entices the senses By Chelsea Chambers   Photography  Kimberlee Miller Jerusha Lauren’s brightly colored art is both eye-catching and stimulating. She brings surrealism to life...

Sawtooth Masters Swim Club

Promoting the Joy of Swimming By Lynn Canning Photos by Kimberlee Miller The Downtown YMCA opened its’ doors more than a half century ago and today remains...

National Adoption Month

Fostering Brighter Futures By Megan Bryant Photos by Maike Munden and Submitted At any given time, nationwide, there are over 100,000 children and youth within the foster...

Syringa Art Studio

Where Art and Idaho Meet By Kayli Corbin Photos Kimberlee Miller Creative expression is such a fulfilling way to contribute beauty to the world we live in....

Prairie Medical

Supporting Your Journey By Janelle Stear  Photos by Kimberlee Miller Tina, aka “Tink,” founded Prairie Medical ten years ago when she saw a need for more personalized care...