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Authenticity Through Creative Expression By Kayli Corbin Photography Kimberlee Miller A fourth-grade girl longingly thinks of a boy. Wondering what her first kiss will be like, what love feels like, and if these thoughts are shared by this boy. He…

July 3, 2018

Camel’s Crossing

By Drew Dodson  Photos Kimberlee Miller It’s July of 2016. Caitlin and Scott McCoy have just swapped out their cars and North Portland home for a camper van and the promise of greener pastures. After briefly trekking down to California…

March 1, 2018

Ironwood Social

Ironwood Social Brings Life to Garden City By Janelle Stear Photo Kimberlee Miller The old Shorty’s Saloon building on Glenwood has been revamped as Ironwood Social. Owners, Shannon Will and Troy Jackson wanted to create a place where people can…

January 3, 2018