The Village Charter School Poetry Winner


Photography by Emma Thompson

Rowan – 8th Grade

“Where I’m from”

I am from a place inbetween. I am from soccer and ping pong, cribbage and whist. I am from waking up to a rooster’s call and falling asleep to the sound of crickets.

I am from birdwatching, math, and earth science. I am from heaven like aromas of gourmet food. I am from backpacking and rafting, cold, sweat, and grit.

I am from long, lackadaisical road trips, and fun, frivolous game nights.  I am from late night reading sessions where the book is glued to my hand, telling me to not put it down.

I am from early morning soccer games with a hint of morning frost seeping into my cleats. I am from home and home is here, in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

“The Village Charter School is a K-8, leadership oriented school that follows the Franklin Covey Foundation and the 7 Habits. The Village focuses on teaching core leadership values so that students can shine later in life. Teachers of The Village value student involvement and their teaching styles support every student’s level of ability. They also focus on getting to know each and every one of their students to help better their education and school life. On top of quality education, and great teachers, The Village provides all Fridays off, as well as an assortment of unique and creative electives.”