Dental Rat

    by Amanda Leona

    A mouse is just a mouse unless it’s a Dental RAT, R.A.T. that is, a Remote Access Terminal.  The latest in periodontal charting, the Dental R.A.T. is a hands-free solution that helps to improve productivity, hygienist efficiency, and most importantly, eliminates cross-contamination.

    The Dental R.A.T., made in Idaho, has voice-recognition technology, providing audio feedback for the hygienist, as well as patient education and increased production. Additionally, the product is virtually “plug-and-play,” interfacing with existing dental practice software.  This results in increased accuracy of documentation which satisfies the intricacies of insurance billing requirements.Training is straightforward.  In 30 minutes or less, familiarity with the workflow can be commanded, aided by easy-to-follow training videos. It’s an advantage to have your hands free to work in the patient’s mouth and not have to de-glove after every patient quadrant to manually write down the perio numbers. The benefits are countless as it provides you easy and hygienic operation. Adding more to its quality the Dental Rat made in Idaho is fuss-free. So you don’t need to worry about if you aren’t willing to use your hands for Boomer, it’s typically welcome you into the new market.

    What makes the Dental R.A.T. unique, is its foot petal.  Affectionately named “Boomer,” the foot mouse is the world’s first wireless, fully-functional foot mouse.  Invented by Becky Logue, a former dental hygienist, it allows the hygienist to be efficient while remaining hands-free. Patients love the combination of the technologyand sanitation and they can characterize improve care resulting in more opportune follow-ups.

    Once you purchase the R.A.T. there are no additional costs sustained for basic use. It has adjustable speeds and audible readings while entering data. The additional advantage which established is Boomer, a foot-operated mouse comprehensive with left and right click buttons for dental operatory where periodontal charting is infrequently desired. Outside of the dental operatory, Boomer is especially beneficial for those with restricted use of their arms and hands. The use of any hands-free charting technology must help to upsurge the production. Many individuals like to identify their numbers to associate with previous exams. Now they can hear the numbers vocalized back to them by the computer.

    Dental R.A.T. is located at 404 East Pine Avenue in Meridian, ID.

    They can be reached at 800.278.0061 or at





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