Paint ‘n Sip


Anybody Can Paint and Enjoy Wine Too

by Rachel Holt, photos by Mark Dyrud

I wanted to make people’s lives better. I had gone to a type of place like this in Dallas. I tried it once and then I went back, then I went to multiple locations. I want people to know they can do art. To give them that first taste,” shared Jennifer Godoi, Owner of Paint ’n Sip.

Opening 4 years ago, Paint ’n Sip is a wine bar and art studio. Specializing in beginners, they offer beginner classes in acrylic painting with no experience needed. Instructors guide students through a painting step by step and are on hand for helpful advice.

Godoi shared, “Our 4 great instructors are all artists. They already have an art education but they can also teach and enjoy teaching. It can be hard to find that. Even our hosts are involved in the art community. It’s really great.”

Classes come in 1, 2, and 3 hour increments. The typical class runs for 2 hours and is $35. There are over 200 painting options with everything from outer space to landscapes.

“We keep our paintings pretty simple but we have a lot of variety. We have landscape paintings, Boise related paintings, national forest and music images. There’s always something for everyone. My instructors provide 6 to 8 new paintings each month so we always have new choices.”

In addition to the classes, Paint ‘n Sip will also do private parties, private lessons, open studio, and other special events. Private parties do have a minimum party size but are highly customizable on painting choice and even colors for a variety of groups such as bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and more.

For their private lesson program, any medium is an option and they encourage budding artists to explore different mediums.

“In the private lessons if there is something that really jumps out at you like watercolor, we’re there to help them figure things out.”

Paint ’n Sip also holds periodic special events such as Paint with the Artist night. Their artist instructors come in and work on their own paintings while attendees paint their own works as well; they paint while you paint. The next Paint with the Artist nights are May 12th and June 9th starting at 5 pm. Godoi shared, “So many people come in with fear. You can see it in their eyes. Someone told them they are bad at art. But when they leave, they may not be entirely happy with their painting but they’ve had a taste and they want more. That’s my favorite part.”

While the studio is a big portion of Paint ’n Sip, they also boast an extensive bar with over 40 varieties of wine, beer, and cider to choose from.

“We are a wine bar. We’re very passionate about wine. We try to support local wines as well as having local beers such as Payette or Sockeye. We like trying to get people to try new things and offer a few unique wines such as a sparkling red and an almond wine.”

Paint ’n Sip is open. For more information about Paint ‘n Sip, their class schedule and paintings or wine, check out their website at: