Pets Are Welcome!


Discover Pet-Friendly Businesses in the Treasure Valley

It’s that time of year again – the season where every songbird sings, all the geese stroll in swagger, and each bee buzzes with Springtime excitement. But let’s not leave all the fun for our flying friends; four-legged pets want to get out and hit the town, too! Here are some of our favorite local, pet-friendly spots for the perfect doggy date.


Let’s start with some grub, at the Riverside Grill. Conveniently located right off the Greenbelt, at 2900 West Chinden Boulevard, this hotel bar and restaurant is sure to fill your appetite, and maybe even your dog’s. Pets are allowed in the lobby section of the restaurant. Looking for relaxing vibes, live music, delicious food, and a comfy place to lounge while your dog sits at your feet? This is the place for you. For those wondering, you do not have to be a guest at the hotel to dine-in.

However, the Riverside Hotel does offer pet-friendly rooms. Be sure to also check out the Riverside Sand Bar. Open Friday to Sunday from 12 – 8, they offer drinks and entertainment for everyone. How about drinks? For those of us interested in winding down with some adult beverages, or even just a seltzer water in a down-to-earth atmosphere,
Clairvoyant Brewery is the place to beat. This charming little neighborhood bar is located off of State Street in North End Boise. The staff is personable, the music is a refreshing blend of old-school and trendy alternative jams, and, of course, dogs are more than welcome. Your fluffy companion is allowed inside AND out on the patio. If you’re searching for a place to practice puppy socialization, I highly recommend this Brewery. You can find them at 2800 West Idaho St.

“I don’t care about food – I just want to go shopping!” Worry not, my friendly reader; we’ve got just the place for you. Located at 625 South Vista Avenue, Restyle Animal Rescue is a staple in the Boise thrifting scene. A percentage of proceeds at this shop go toward emergency veterinary care for local pet owners.

Known for its unique DIY decor, its mission, and its Doggy Wall of Fame, taking a stroll through the miscellaneous secondhand treasures of Restyle is sure to bring a smile to two faces – yours and your dog’s.

If you’re interested in shopping Greenbelt-style, we also recommend stopping by the Greenbelt Marketplace. This micro-market offers great views and good times, with a quality selection of local brews, snacks, and more. Enjoy a refreshing beverage while your dog sits at your feet. You can both soak in the beauty that is the Greenbelt. Find the marketplace at
3472 N Prospect Way, Garden City, ID.

Greenbelt Market
Greenbelt Market

You’ve done human shopping for yourself – now your pet needs things! Bark ‘N’ Purr Boise is sure to meet all of your pet care supply needs. You’ll find them at 1036 South Vista Avenue. They are consistently stocked with a variety of nutritional pet food, comfy dog beds, chew toys, delicious puppy training treats, and more. Your dog is allowed inside, and they’re likely to make a few doggy friends as they browse the aisles. Oh, did I mention the
best part? Bark ‘N’ Purr is equipped with its own personal doggy bath station. This means that, while you’re out and about with your dog, you can stop by and give them a bath in a safe, pet-friendly environment, with professional pet care equipment.

You’ve had a long, full day with your dog. You’ve eaten, grabbed a drink, walked the Greenbelt, and have gone shopping… but your dog still has so much energy! What do you do now? Why not take them to a doggy daycare where they can run around and have a blast with their friends? Dogtopia will be opening in June.

Conveniently located near the Boise Greenbelt on Chinden close to the Riverside Hotel, the dog daycare and boarding facility is the perfect place to send your dog for some puppy fun.
They maintain high standards for all dogs and dog owners in the Treasure Valley. Whether you’re dropping them off for a couple hours, or you’re looking for a week of boarding, Dogtopia’s focus is on your dogs’ health, safety, and fun. Call and schedule your free trial day.

Whether you’re looking for a fun place to party with your pet or a leisurely stroll through some of the city’s finest pet-friendly establishments, you’re sure to find it here. These local businesses truly do shine like a gem in the heart of Idaho. We’re happy to help you and your dog celebrate the beauty of Boise today.