The Opposite of Ordinary


By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, photography by Mark Dyrud

Privada Estates is the flagship development of The Privada Group, which consists of three members: Jeff Wright, President; Leslie Wright, Vice President, Development; and Lance Keller, Construction Operations Management, Project Engineer. These three have developed a refined enclave in East Boise, the only luxury custom home community overlooking the Barber Valley and Foothills. Leslie told me, “Our marketing tagline says it all ‘The absolute opposite of ordinary.’” Privada’s estate-size home-sites, gorgeous views, impressive gateway, lush community landscape, and ambiance lighting make a bold statement about luxury living in East Boise.

The Privada Group engages in land acquisition, community development, construction and sale of residential real estate. “Our team started developing, including the land planning process, about five years ago, when we recognized there was an unfilled niche in the East Boise luxury real estate market,” Leslie said. “Our land acquisition process is disciplined—we look about 8-10 years out. We wanted to bring a fresh vision to this area, including inspiring architectural design. We were fortunate to have the East Boise land opportunity in one of most desirable and livable areas in the entire Treasure Valley.”

A resident since 1999, Leslie said the Boise area is attractive to her personally for many reasons. “It has to be the laidback attitude of the people who live here, and the maverick, hard-working, can-do attitude of our community. The natural outdoor Privada-0006beauty and recreational opportunities are second to none. We really like that this area is not a sprawling urban city; it remains relaxed, unpretentious and family-driven, yet it is also becoming a respected high-tech center.”

Leslie notes that “Idaho is still an open frontier, in terms of opportunity for work, play, and lifestyle. Having traveled extensively while working in the corporate world, I can honestly say I love coming home to Idaho. This is a special place, unspoiled, and still somewhat misunderstood at a national level. However, Boise is now very much on the radar as one of the best places to live in the U.S.”

While Leslie still misses the second custom home she built, a prominent Mediterranean-style foothills resort home overlooking the Treasure Valley, now that homes at Privada are available for purchase, she can think about future dream projects. “I have another one in my mind,” she said. “It’s more of a resort-style community with detached townhomes, club style amenities, the type of place you can lock and leave, and the exterior is maintenance-free.”

Leslie shares some tips about what makes a developer successful. “Development is an activity that requires vision, creativity and responsibility, both fiscally and to the community. You need to be passionate about creating something of enduring quality and value and be willing to take the longer-term view for results.” She notes that property development is not about a “quick win.”

“Projects can take years to mature into a finished result. Developers need a strong work-ethic and should be willing and open to learn and grow. You have to have vision and must be able to make countless decisions that directly affect the project and its outcome,” she said.

That vision and work ethic is evident in Privada’s customized estate homes.


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