The Essence of Good Taste


Olive and Vyne’s Tasting Room in Eagle Turns Meals into Conversations

story by Liza Long

EaglesmallAre you looking for a simple way to transform an average salad into haute cuisine? Do you need a special gift for a wedding or birthday celebration, one that will showcase your good taste and make their taste buds sing? Olive and Vyne Tasting Room owners Hope Manna and Kellie Allred offer 26 varieties of traditional and infused balsamic vinegars, infused olive oils, and extra virgin olive oils from around the world—and they want you to start thinking beyond salad.

“It’s a unique experience,” says Allred, showcasing the clean, bright, modern tasting room lined with shiny, stainless steel Italian-made fusti’s, specially designed containers filled with delicious white, dark, and infused vinegars and oils just waiting to be savored.

“We wanted our clients to have a relaxed, almost quaint experience. It’s perfect for a date night or an evening out with the girls.”

Olive and Vyne is the realization of a dream three years in the making for Allred and Manna, whose last venture was producing a documentary film written by Manna and directed by Allred titled, “Keeping the Promise Alive,” released in July of 2013. Allred, who was born and raised in Idaho, spent 25 years in the entertainment industry as a producer and director. “Keeping the Promise Alive” tells the story of an Eagle family’s search for Captain Harry Cecil Moore, a Korean War pilot who is still missing in action.  Manna, a New Jersey native of Italian descent, was inspired by her mother’s home-cooked meals and wanted to share that experience with others. Manna and Allred, who both love to cook, spent a year researching the best suppliers and products before launching their Tasting Room in Eagle’s North Channel Center this year.

 “Our passion is education,” Manna says. “We show our customers how to best use our products to really make an impact in their dining experience.”  We have entire families that come to the shop, with their kids in toe, to plan dinner menus or new lunch ideas.  It’s so fun to be a part of it,” Allred adds.

“Pairing the right balsamic to compliment an olive oil can help you to transform a simple side dish into a conversation,” Allred adds.  I tried several varieties one afternoon, I gravitated immediately to the tart, thick black currant balsamic. Paired with basil infused golden olive oil, it’s a treat with bread, on pasta, or tossed with garden greens. Best of all, Olive and Vyne’s commitment to quality doesn’t come with a high price point. Their infused and traditional olive oils and balsamic vinegars are priced well below similar products from online retailers and cost effective to experiment with different varieties.

The shop has a great community vibe and the owners have opened their doors for events and gatherings for girl’s nights, book clubs, corporate parties and special events.  “It was a happy accident when a customer asked if they could schedule a girl’s night at our shop” said Manna.  “Word spread about the fun that they had and the phone started ringing.”

The Tasting Room also features gourmet olives, dips and a variety of spices.  If your mouth is watering, explore the possibilities of good taste today with a visit to Olive and Vyne.

For more information:

Olive and Vyne
10 am to 6 pm Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 3 pm Saturday and Sunday
600 South Rivershore Lane, Eagle