Daryl Hance

Daryl Hance

May 6, 2016

August 24, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
High Note Cafe
225 N 5th St
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 429-1911

Daryl Hance
Genre: Southern Rock
All Ages

Artist Biography:

With Wild Blue Iris, out on Devil Down Records May 6 2016, Daryl Hance returns with another dusty slab of Southern-flavored psychedelic swampy groove music with enough hearty sides to satisfy most anyone whose appetite consists of pre-1975 or so funk and blues-inspired rock and roll music fortified with searing bluesy guitars, fuzzy super-fat vintage tones, heaps of bottom-end, and transcendental songs high on life, hope, fun, love, and living.

Wild Blue Iris, the third full-length album from the Jacksonville, Florida singer/guitarist, is a burner of heaping proportions best ingested with your beverage of choice, and a taste of some of your finest herbal-essence. The added company of a few friendly folks, some lovely ladies, and a can-do attitude could only help make things here more enjoyable. Its tone is a vibe harkening back to the days of the magic created in the mid/late 1960s through the early to mid 1970s, music drenched in blues and funk, played with a heart-on-your-sleeve spirit no-nonsense rock and roll attitude of good times and great songs. At just over 48 minutes in length, the deal here is simply start at the front of the album, play through to the end, then repeat as deemed necessary and share. For optimum results, play it really loud with lots of low-end as this music is created and designed to be listened to at a volume where you can feel the bottom and experience it fully!

Hance on Wild Blue Iris’

‘The Florida Wild Blue Iris is a wildflower that grows all around my yard in Northeast Florida. It opens up in the morning, stays open for a few hours, then closes back. I had payed little attention to this pretty little flower, only knowing of its existence in passing until a short while ago when I did a random post on the internet with an attached photo of this pretty little ‘weed’ as the subject of my post.

Someone said it was known as a Florida Wild Blue Iris, and I thought to myself, ‘wow, didn’t even know it’. That got me wondering about all the other things that exist in plain sight that go largely unnoticed that I’d maybe paid little attention to except in passing. The yard was full of those kinds of things. It was a waking up and smelling of the flowers for the first time moment on things that go virtually unnoticed right under my nose, and ended up being a good idea for an album title that I really liked. I broke out the camera and got some shots from around the yard and started messing around with photos and it all fell together rather quickly. It seemed to work very well with the material and kind of culminated on the album’s finale, the short instrumental title track ‘Wild Blue Iris’, with the slide guitar running through it sounding like a little bee buzzing around amongst some flowers on a warm spring day getting his bee thing on. It also resonated very well lyricall
y on songs like ‘Those Vibrations’ with, ‘when the sun is shining and the birds are singing from the treetops of the world, just laugh and greet it with all you’re feeling get your wings out in the air” or on the song ‘With The Tide’ with, ‘a rolling with the tide, and I’m gonna have a good time”.

All about grabbing you a big ol’ slice of life, smelling the flowers, and enjoying the world around you. Or at least staying aware of it as much as you can be aware of it at any given moment with minimal distraction. Not exactly an easy feat in this ‘modern’ society pandora’s box of endless distractions at the tips of your everything, available 24/7/365 where everything in existence is of the utmost importance requiring 100% of your immediate attention to every little detail of anything that comes across your radar. Sometimes you just gotta drop it all, wake up, and do yourself a huge favor by taking some moments to look around you and smelling all the flowers!’

Daryl Hance will be hitting the road hard in support of Wild Blue Iris with his live band Daryl Hance Powermuse, a not to be missed high-octane power-packed punch of deeply hypnotic grooves, good times, and a deep catalog of great songs readily available for everyone to dig in on, and groove out to!

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Name: Daryl Hance
Email Address: TrailRidgeAgency.DarylHance@gmail.com