Don’t Miss Idaho’s Best, Worst, and Weirdest Comedy Festival 


May 25th – 27th at 8pm: Visual Arts Collective in Garden City

“It’s going to be just like Idaho, mostly wild and nationally laughable. Every night features comedy, burlesque, and the wackiest standup acts you’ll see around town!” said Beth Norton, comedian, curator, and host of the weirdest comedy show you’ll see all year. 

Idaho’s Best, Worst, and Weirdest Comedians is a 3-night festival featuring stand up, the musically inclined, and burlesquers at their Best, Worst, and Weirdest. 

Three nights and three very different shows will celebrate the absurdity of the human experience through humor in a variety of forms. 

“People can expect to be surprised and have their mind blown. They can expect to laugh, they will probably feel cringe at some point. They can expect great services—the VAC is an excellent venue. They can expect to witness an experience that will never be recreated,” said Norton. 

This year prizes will be as wacky as the performers. Tip jars will be passed around for the audience to throw in some cash and their nomination for the Best, Worst and Weirdest. Adding to the fire, you will have the opportunity to create their own award spoofs. 

Teaming up with headliner and producer Muff Jones, burlesque acts will mix with comedy bits. Saturday’s show culminates with a garage folk band featuring an accordion and a two-string bass made from a handrail.

The show was created to celebrate Boise’s local comedians, artists, and the art of comedy itself. Norton says “While in my deepest darkest moments, comedy is my bounce back point of resiliency. Good comedy at its core is playful and compassionate. You can’t make fun of something that you don’t love because it doesn’t come off well.” And in the midst of alarming political attacks on freedoms of expression, the show was created to practice subversive art and boldly embrace all kinds of people. 

“Every show of Idaho’s Best, Worst, and Weirdest is different,” said Norton. ”A comedian never steps into the same river twice, because the comedian changes and the river changes.”

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