Idaho Made Art


    Passion and Creativity

    By Chelsea Chambers

    Art is a reflection of the spirit looking back at the self. A way that we share our creative energies with the world through words, music, dance, painting, sculpting, crafting—creating. Idaho Made, located at 108 N. 6th Street in downtown Boise, is filled with handmade items and gifts that help illustrate the creative spirit of the people of Idaho. With a rotating selection of unique products, it’s worth making multiple trips into Idaho Made all year long! From candles to baby clothes, Idaho Made has something for everyone. Several somethings for everyone!

    COVID Changes and Updates
    With all that is going on, though, it is important to address changes to Idaho Made’s typical business operations. The store will have limited hours (Wed-Thurs from 12-4; Fri-Sat from 10-6; Sun from 11-3). They will also be limiting the store occupancy to six customers at a time. All artists will be wearing masks and they encourage customers to do so as well. They are not accepting cash for the time being.

    Meet the Artists
    With almost every available inch filled with fun gifts, their list of contributing artists is a lengthy one. Fortunately, we were able to track down a few of them and get the insider information on their process and what it’s like being an artist.

    Rick and Denise Korman
    The Kormans bring a unique spin on art and home with the LadyBug Studios, offering interior landscape plants, small farm products (like hops and olive oil), and plant science education.

    “When the Great Recession of 2008 hit, we decided to make lemonade from lemons, and our gardening passion, became Lady Bug Studios. We took our love of growing all kinds of succulents and cactuses to sharing and selling at local farmer markets and Idaho Made,” explained the Kormans. “We provide enthusiasts with plants, resources, instruction, education and inspiration. Our arty potted houseplants and homegrown products promote health, wellness, and wellbeing. Everything is sustainable, additive and chemical-free.”

    We don’t often think of gardening when we think of art, but the act of gardening is inherently creative and expressive and something worth sharing!

    Check them out online at and at Idaho Made today!

    Holly McNeal
    Idaho native, McNeal is a photographer and artist in a variety of ways, but for Idaho Made focuses predominantly on her wooden jewelry collection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and more. These handmade pieces are the perfect addition to any outfit—from day in the park to night on the town.

    For McNeal and her husband, Boise is an absolute dream and they are exactly where they want to be, exploring their hobbies and spoiling their two dogs. McNeal hopes to expand her client-base but is perfectly comfortable going with the organic and natural flow of the art world. “I love collaborating with other artisans & local businesses to create opportunities to make and create something new and to be able to throw it out to the world and say ‘hey, look what we did as a community, enjoy!’”

    McNeal’s art can be found at Idaho Made and online at

    Rob Ingram
    Rob is the co-founder of Ting Glass Creations and a training manager at Idaho Made, among a myriad of other artistic pursuits like lampwork glass art, Ingram definitely knows how to keep busy. What started as a creative pursuit in their freetime has evolved into what is now Ting Glass Creations, which began in 2012, showcasing a growing collection of small glass sculptures and pendants. But as with all things art, the gallery began to grow and evolve into something much more than a modest collection of small glasswares and their products can now be found at Idaho Made and online.

    Check them out on Facebook @tingscreationglass and on their Etsy shop @tingscreations. Or visit the Tings Creations blog to see how some of the glass art is made!

    There is a creative pursuit of passion that lives in the heART and soul of us all. We each have something beautiful to share with the world, and Idaho Made is one of those magical places that displays the passionate dedication of Idaho for all to see. Come experience the wonder of creativity firsthand at Idaho Made.