Boise Farmer’s Market


Year-Round Farm Fresh Products on Your Table

By Tamara Cameron

Photography by Kimberlee Miller

Whether you are looking forward to a table of 50 of your best friends or a cozy candle-lit holiday dinner for two, going local with your food dollars is a win-win for you and our Boise area community. Purchasing ingredients from local farmers directly supports the farmers and their families. The holiday season is a time when their sales slow-down, so supporting them now is a great way to ensure that they continue to be able to do what they love to do best – farm. You get produce that stays fresh longer and has better flavor, plus fresh local ingredients that will be the basis for the most delicious meals. Greenbelt Magazine and the Boise Farmers Market are here to help you create memorable and delicious local-food holiday dinners.

The Boise Farmers Market (BFM) Indoor Winter Market is your one-stop source for local ingredients, baked goods, specialty items, and more! Although you could go totally local, you don’t have to. Would you go 30% local? 50% local? 90% local? Let us help you make a plan to gather up as many local ingredients as possible. Integrating local fresh produce, humanely raised and grass-fed proteins, local dairy, and specialty foods into your recipes will leave you serving holiday meals made with lots of local love.

Karen Ellis, Boise Farmers Market Manager, says, “Our community needs to know that we will have fresh locally-grown produce and protein, plus direct from the producer specialty items like fresh cranberries and dates, indoors, right up until Christmas.”

Local farmers are extending their growing season, using hoop houses and other methods, to make sure that the BFM Indoor Farmers Market has a large variety of produce. Everything from salad greens and arugula to fresh herbs and microgreens to root vegetables and squashes to fresh and dried apples plus potatoes, onions, mushrooms and all the other late fall and winter vegetables will be available for your holiday meals.

Add in locally sourced protein and dairy, plus specialty items, available only this time of year, such as Salted Honey Pie from Matthews Family Farms or Homemade Cannoli from Ferranti Fresh Pasta, and you might find that a locally sourced holiday meal is your new tradition.

Whether you are a traditional turkey dinner type or a someone who does it different every year, here are some local-food holiday dinner combos, with the ingredients that you can get at the BFM Indoor Winter Market, to get your culinary creative juices flowing:

The Traditional:
Pasture-raised turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, candied yams, winter vegetable medley, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie with whipped cream.
(turkey, bread for stuffing, potatoes, salad greens, yams, carrots, beets, onions, squash, fresh herbs, cranberries, pumpkin, whipping cream)


The Mini Traditional:
Pasture-raised turkey leg and breast on a bed of stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, roasted vegetables, pistachio cream croissants.
(Turkey breast and leg, bread for stuffing, potatoes, salad greens, carrots, beets, onions, potatoes, squash, fresh herbs, cranberries, pistachio cream croissants)

The Classic:
Butternut squash soup, winter greens salad, prime rib, roasted vegetables, salted honey pie.
(squash, heavy cream, salad greens, prime rib, fresh herbs, carrots, onions, potatoes, salted honey pie)

The Modern:
Winter vegetable soup, leg of lamb, mint jelly, massaged kale salad, bread and butter, baked apples.
(carrots, onions, turnips, beets, fresh herbs, leg of lamb, mint, kale, bread, heavy cream – making butter can be a fun pre-dinner activity – apples, cranberries)

The Italian:
Minestrone soup, Italian pot roast, garlic sage and brown butter pasta, roasted winter vegetables, homemade cookies and cannoli.
(carrots, onions, beets, turnips, squash, kale, dried beans, beef or pork roast, fresh sage, eggs, cannoli)

The Minimalist:
Stew, winter salad, bread and butter, apple cranberry pie.
(Potatoes, carrots, onions, beef, pork, lamb or chicken, bread, heavy cream, apples, cranberries)

Hors de oeuvres might include quick pickled winter vegetables, artisan cheeses, hummus and bread, and fresh sliced apples.

Holiday brunch is an easy way to go local with eggs, breakfast meats, potatoes, salads, apples and dates plus breads or pastries all available from local sources.

From plush reds to complex sparkly ciders to egg nog, beverages are another way to go local.

The BFM Indoor Winter Market is open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at 516 South 8th Street (the Corner of 8th and Fulton Streets) in downtown Boise through December 22nd, the Saturday before Christmas.

Come and shop at the BFM Indoor Winter Market for all your local-food, locally made holiday party needs! Whether you are a regular or a first-timer, we look forward to seeing you. Mention that you saw this article and we have a small gift, made with local love, just for you.

The beautiful holiday table pictured was shot by Greenbelt Magazine’s Lead Photographer, Kimberlee Miller on-site at Meadowlark Farm in Nampa. Heidi Wight, Owner and Principle Designer of Ira and Lucy designed the festive tablescape. Heidi says, “I love to play up a monochromatic style, layer textures, and create a show-stopper focal point. Utilizing local artists and farmers creates a meaningful table design for your Idaho home gathering.

Lemon Tree Linens brought the hand-dyed, gorgeous velvet runner and linen napkins in a soft blond hue, which ties in beautifully with the textured woven chargers and gold stemware. Heidi carries a wide variety of rental decor elements for tabletop design and will work with you on custom requests.

Mother-daughter duo, Megan and Candace Bell chose dahlias, hops, maple leaves, garden roses and grasses from their flower gardens at Bloomin Flower Farm to create the stunning centerpiece. Also featured are baked goods from Wildflour Bakery and fresh local produce available from the BFM Indoor Winter Market.


Boise Farmers Market (Produce)

Ira + Lucy (Design and Decor)

Lemon Tree Linens (Linens, Chargers, and Stemware)

Idaho Tents and Events (Crossback Chairs)

Bloomin Flower Farm (Flowers)

Wildflour Bakery (Baked Goods)

Zeppole (Bread)

Kimberlee Miller Photography

If you are interested in a specialty cut of beef, pork, lamb or a turkey, you can pre-order with the ranchers below and pickup at the BFM Indoor Winter Market.

  • Matthews Family Farm has turkeys, chickens, eggs and their famous salted honey pie for pre-order by calling Patti Matthews at 208-549-2901 or emailing Website:
  • Malheur River Meats has turkeys, chickens, prime rib, hams and specialty cuts available for pre-order by calling Rob Stokes at 208-573-1058 or emailing Website:
  • McIntyre Family Farms has turkeys, chickens, prime rib, specialty cuts and eggs available for pre-order by calling Marcia McIntyre at 208-573-7030 or by emailing Website:
  • Campbell Tailor Made Beef has prime rib and specialty cuts available for pre-order by calling Steve Campbell at 208-315-4726 or emailing Website:
  • Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef has prime rib and specialty cuts available for pre-order by calling Debby Wilsey at 208-337-4780.
  • Meadowlark Farm has lamb including whole bone-in or boneless leg of lamb and roasts for pre-order by emailing Janie Burns at