Boise Farmers Market


New Location for an Iconic Boise Tradition

Story Janelle Stear  Photos Kimberlee Miller

Annually from April through December, “the Boise Farmers Market focuses on local food, cultivating new farmers, incubating new food ideas, and creating a community space to learn about food and sustainability,”

The Boise Farmers Market (BFM) will soon be opening at a new, permanent location. The BFM Board has collaborated with local businesses, River Shore Development, and CTA Architects Engineers, to ensure the Market’s future.

In the heart of Boise’s new urban development district at the corner of River Street and Americana Boulevard, the new space will feature the Boise Farmers Market on Saturdays starting April 6.

“The Boise Farmers Market is a vital, integral part of the face of Boise,” says the BFM Building Committee Project Manager Kristi Preston. “We are excited the new Market location will allow us to continue to grow and include more farmers and vendors…. It is very important to us to maintain that vibrancy and sense of community that is the Boise Farmers Market.”

Janie Burns, from local Meadowlark Farm, has sold lamb and eggs at the Boise Farmers Market since it began in 2013. She also serves on the BFM Board, and adds, “BFM is food centric.  We focus on the FARMERS part of the Farmers Market.”

Megan Rebholtz, with River Shore Development, exclaims her office is excited to share their outdoor space with the BFM: “We love the connectivity of the location, as it’s adjacent to popular roadways, the Greenbelt, and parks. We are also excited by the opportunity to activate the neighborhood alongside the Farmers Market and to do so in a way that celebrates food, innovation, diversity and the community.” Tamara Cameron, BFM Interim Market Manager, highlights the educational aspect, saying they will have room to offer chef demos, and classes for kids and adults.

Stemming from a seven-year relationship with Danielle Hurd and BFM, and employees who are passionate about the organization’s mission, the team at CTA Architects Engineers was tapped to help BFM and River Shore Development envision what this vibrant community space could look like. Led by CTA’s Nicole Dovell-Moore, architect, Maria Chavez, lead designer, and Lisa Guerrero, graphic designer, the project focuses on evolving BFM’s identity with unique characteristics that link the goals of the Market with the heritage of the new location.

The CTA team first and foremost took the time to understand the aspirations and needs of both BFM and River Shore Development, as well as to study the context and mobility of the neighborhood. Capitalizing on their diverse expertise, CTA brought together in-house experts in retail thought leadership, branding, wayfinding, graphics, and place making for a “creative download” that included options for the site plan, logos, and signage.

Eventually BFM would like to have a structure on the new site. For now, BFM, CTA, and River Shore Development are enthusiastic in their partnerships for improving the Market.

Nicole, Maria, and Lisa agree: “We see this new location for the [Farmers] Market as a social experience…. A chance for creating a community gathering place that is flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes at different times of year, enhancing the area as it is, but bringing something all new.”

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