Breakfast with Guests


Local Boise restaurants aim to please

story by Chelsea Chambers

photography by John Webster

Playing host to your extended family is not always the simplest of tasks, especially when that extension is your in-laws. A visit from the in-laws is often wrought with stressful circumstances and extraordinarily clean houses. However, as with most things in life, they don’t have to be as complicated as they are often made out to be. One of the easiest ways to entertain and impress your in-laws is to bring them out on the town and show them the best parts of Boise. Of course, you’ll want to keep them in high spirits, and the best way to do that is with a delicious, relaxing meal.

According to health experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A balanced and enjoyable breakfast can not only energize the body, but also set the tone for a smooth-sailing rest of your day. By indulging your in-laws in the wide array of options Boise has for breakfast, you can easily become the hero of their visit. While you may not get a second chance at first impressions, what’s guaranteed is that there will always be another breakfast – along with another opportunity to impress, and your options here in Boise are rich and varied.

Brkfst-GoldyGoldy’s Breakfast Bistro on Capitol is always a winning choice, especially if you want to break free from traditional breakfast restraints. Their menu is loaded with copious amounts of flavorful entrees such as the fresh mushroom frittata and Andalusian eggs, not to mention nearly infinite build your own combinations.

Brkfst-MoonsJust down the road on Idaho Street is Moon’s Kitchen Café, which has been a proud piece of Boise since 1955. Moon’s has a variety of breakfast classics, as well as a few spins on old recipes, like the California Beni with avocado and hollandaise.

Brkfst-BaconBerry Hill & Co. and Bacon, is home to one of the best Sunday brunches in all of Idaho. Their myriad food options surmount to dream-like states, and the customizable omelette station packs enough flavor to sate the taste buds for days. Not to mention the bacon cheddar scones and continuous stream of dessert options certain to satiate any craving, Berry hill & Co. is no breakfast amateur. The classic Capri Restaurant on Fairview has some of the best deals for breakfast, as well as delectable entrees for both breakfast and lunch.

Bardenday, located in the grove, offers an innovative brunch menu with meals such as the Basque scramble and the salmon benedict. With all of the mouth-watering options to choose from, it can oftentimes be difficult to decide, but when push comes to shove, nearly any breakfast joint in Boise is guaranteed to satisfy.

Don’t let the morning-time be a cause of stress – especially when you’re playing host. Take your family and friends out on the town for a breakfast that will start everyone’s day off right. There is almost nothing more important than energizing your body, and your taste buds will thank you too. Take some time to relax with a hot cup of coffee and let the rest of the day fall into place.