Family Day!


There’s no better place than Boise to take a day with the family

By Chelsea Chambers

Photos by Kimberlee Miller

Renowned poet, George Santayana said it best, “Family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” Family is absolutely fundamental—whether it’s your birth family, adopted family, or a family of close-knit friends, we need to foster these familial connections in order to fully progress through life.

And what better way to get close to family than to spend the day on a bike, eating ice cream, and playing in the sun?

Bicycling is a complete stress-reducer. And St. Luke’s quickly realized, that while Boise loves its bikes, not everyone had the luxury of owning their own bike. Or bike racks for that matter. Being the benchmark for health and wellness in the city, they decided to make a change and sponsor an upcoming company—Boise GreenBike. Boise GreenBike teamed up with Valley Regional Transit and Social Bicycles to develop a more user-friendly way to bike with the fam: rentals! And St. Lukes was more than happy to be a part of the GreenBike movement, hence the St. Lukes logo across all of the bikes.

Aside from the obvious and incredible health benefits, they sought to reduce air pollution and vehicle emissions by offering an alternative mode of transportation. Any effort helps and with the partnership between St. Lukes and Boise GreenBike, Boise can say that we truly are trying to make a difference with carbon emission.

So, grab your family, grab a GreenBike, and head outside for a day of fun, bonding, and exercise!

Boise GreenBike

There are GreenBike hubs all over the city. In fact, their website has a convenient map that lists each of their hubs and whether there are bikes available for renting. At an affordable rate and dozens of convenient locations, there’s almost no excuse not to get out and get some exercise with the family! Their mobile app makes renting quick and hassle-free.

Library! At Bown Crossing

Outside of the bustle of downtown, there is a Boise GreenBike hub at the library at Bown Crossing. A perfect stop on your family journey. There are books for every age group and a family that reads together, grows together. After you’ve had your fill, hop on a GreenBike and hit the road!

Ranch Market – Warm Springs

It’s summer, it’s hot. The kids are hot, you’re hot—you need some ice cream. And barely two miles down the road, a quick jaunt on a bike, is the Ranch Market. Ranch Market is so much more than your typical convenience store. They have more healthy snacks and drinks than any convenience store I’ve ever seen. And not to mention, the really important part… they have so much ice cream. So much. Ben and Jerry’s, big pints, small pints, cookies and cream, strawberry, buttercup, the list goes on and on. And of course, outside they have a snow-cone shack and hand-scooped Tillamook ice cream.

Julia Davis Park

Cruising back down toward Boise, there are so many stops and sights to see. From Barber Park with its grassy expanses and sandy-snack-shacks to the Military Reserve with their elaborate trails and beautiful views to Julia Davis, and there’s never a shortage of things to see there.

  • Zoo Boise. Whether you stop in or just ride by to see the heads of the giraffes, the Zoo is always a good option for a family day. Plus it’s butterfly exhibit season!
  • Rose Garden. Stop and smell the roses, literally.
  • Boise Art Museum. A cheap, fun way to educate and experience with the family. New art installations happen all the time, so it’s always new and exciting.
  • Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. This beautiful memorial captures the importance of history and human rights.
  • Take a break from the ride and hop in a paddleboat.

And of course, Julia Davis is the perfect place to relax in the shade and watch the clouds go by. With several picnic areas and chill spots to listen to the river, Julia Davis Park is a must-stop on our family day ride.

Discovery Center of Idaho

And why not discover a thing or two while you’re out and about with the family? From the iconic giant bubble wall to their rotating exhibits, the Discovery Center is always a good place to stop in and check out.

Idaho State Capitol Building

When was the last time you went inside the capitol? Rich in Idaho history, there’s so much to learn, and the astounding architecture is guaranteed to make everyone stop in awe. Did you know that dome reaches 208 feet into the skyline? Take a capitol tour and explore a building that’s over 100 years old!

Even Stevens Sandwiches

By this time, the ice cream has probably worn off and it’s about time for another meal. Stop in to Even Stevens for family-friend food for all ages that helps support a good cause. Plus, it’s nestled in the heart of Freak Alley, another great stop on our family day tour.

And then you can drop the bikes off at any one of the Boise GreenBike hubs.

While this list may not encompass all of the incredible things you can find on a day trip through Boise, it’s a good and lengthy start to spending time with the family. It’s important to set aside days where you bond with family, friends, and loved ones. Our community is a strong network of close relationships, and as the city grows, we need to continue to foster those relationships.

There’s so much history, beauty, and culture in our beautiful city. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the fam, grab a GreenBike, and hit the Greenbelt.