The Heart of Boise

Sydnee Morehouse is on 8th and Main

Local Boiseans share their reasons for loving our great city

story and photography by Chelsea Chambers

Kyle is on 5th street between Main and Idaho
Kyle is on 5th street between Main and Idaho

Boise, Idaho – a tree-lined haven encased by scenic mountains, an oasis from the never-ending surrounding desert, a place where a journey is always right in your backyard, and home to hundreds of thousands of vibrant people. It has come a long way from the humble Fort Boise military base and gold rush town, with a meager population of only 1,600 people in 1864. Nowadays, Boise is a bustling community of over 200,000 lively souls enjoying everything the community has to offer.

With so much beauty encompassing the city, it’s hard not to love Boise. Just by traversing from place to place downtown, you can see the allure that the city holds—and the wonderment it has that captivates all of the people that call Boise home. The love is in the eyes of the passersby that you meet on the streets; they hold a friendly, approachable air about them. Most everyone who comes to Boise—whether they be travelers, visitors, or new residents—say that it is one of the most amiable cities they’ve been to. Nearly everyone you meet catches your eye with a smile.

Tre is at Goldy’s Corner Coffee House

One such delightful Boisean, affectionately called Tre, baristas at Goldy’s Coffee Shop on the corner of Capitol and Main, and when asked why she loved Boise, she beams, “We have happy people! It’s a healthy place to live. We are fed with lakes and rivers; being so close to nature is good for the soul.” The important influence that nature has on the city is what seems to give Boise its life essence.

It’s easy to meet people here because virtually everyone is ready to sit down and have a conversation. Alex Richards frequently performs around Boise, often at Pengilly’s saloon on Sundays. Richards travels to many places to play his music and gets to see all walks of life across the U.S., but he has found a spot in his heart for Boise as well.

“It’s not too big, not too small. And close to both the mountains and the desert,” Richards elaborates. Our terrain is one of the most diverse in the area; it keeps us busy and entertained. Jason Young, who moved here from Chicago three years ago loves Boise for its change of pace from the busy Illinois city. He stayed for the environment and the people. Sydnee Morehouse loves the parks, the sunsets, the people, and the hiking, just to name a few of many reasons.

Jason is in front of the Flying M
Jason is in front of the Flying M

Logan Mallard enjoys the small world type of fashion. “It’s not too metropolitan of an area that you can still establish a closely knit network of friends.”

Summing up why we love Boise into words is quite a feat to accomplish. It’s much easier to experience firsthand, and that is a philosophy that many Boiseans know to be true. We are genuinely blessed to be a part of such a beautiful city where nature is always in close proximity. Not to mention the endless assortment of things to do and places to see – Boise’s efflorescent charm will continue to captivate.