Idaho’s Natural Healing


Taking the necessary steps toward health, happiness and longevity.

By Chelsea Chambers, photography by Mark Dyrud

Leading a healthy life is a catalyst for success, happiness, and internal satisfaction—but with so many doctors, practitioners, and choices, it’s often difficult to decide which route isBoise-Holistic-0080 best. Injuries, ailments, and illnesses can bog down a positive lifestyle and become an unnecessary hindrance to an otherwise successful life. Luckily, there is an entire world of opportunities for increasing overall quality of life, as well as a wide variety of natural and holistic options to help heal the mind, body, and soul.

VitaNovu, located off Owyhee Street in Boise, is a remarkable place to begin the transformation to bodily wellness. The name VitaNovu is Latin for “New Life” and that is precisely what they offer. The director, Jennifer Barry, MD, has an extensive vision for the company and aspires to create health and wellness for everyone. Barry and her highly qualified team specialize in aesthetic, natural medicine and holistic wellness. They offer a broad range of treatments that promote overall health and wellbeing. They treat everything from allergies and depression to diabetes and hormone imbalances, with great professionalism and care. One of VitaNovu’s newest endeavors welcomes Rachel Frizzell, a licensed acupuncturist to their team. Acupuncture is an age-old practice that helps treat existing conditions as well as being wildly successful in preventative care. Their recently remodeled facility exudes an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel instantly at ease upon entering the building. This calming relaxation embodies the entire experience at VitaNovu.

Another fine option is Boise Holistic, located on Mountain View Drive. Jim Moison started the practice and his experiences in both teaching and medicine have enabled him to dedicate his work to helping increase other’s quality of life. Boise Holistic proves that there is more than one approach to attaining a happy, healthy life.

Float tanks are an incredible way to relax the mind while simultaneously allowing your body to heal itself in over a thousand pounds of Epsom salt. The salt increases the density of the surrounding solution, enabling your body to effortlessly float indefinitely. This process drastically reduces the amount of stress on the body, and the Epsom salt works to soften tGood-Floatations-0075he skin, ease muscle tension, heal cuts, and draw toxins out of the body. Enveloping yourself in the float tanks completely eradicates all outside stimuli. Brantimus Schlaich started the first float tank in Boise, Good Floatations, located inside the Muse building on Jefferson Street. “I began this endeavor with the vision of providing a more holistic approach to medicine,” Schlaich says, and he has certainly excelled at creating a place where bodily healing and relaxation go hand in hand. Continual floating provides immediate and life-long benefits to both the body and mind. Another option, Stillwater Float Center off 10th street, offers Boiseans the floating experience as well. The atmosphere of each location is both inviting and promising. Those who float consistently will begin to notice the benefits both inside and outside of their bodies.

Health and wellness are a necessity in our daily lives. While it is certainly not easy to attain and maintain this positive state of existence, the resources are out there, and there are a myriad of health professionals waiting to help you along the path. Seeking out natural and holistic methods of healing can be highly beneficial to those who utilize them right, both for the body and the mind.