More Real Than Reality

    Local photographers capture Boise’s landmarks

    By Chelsea Chambers

    “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” – Alfred Stieglitz

    Photography is an art that captures the beauty of the moment and transforms it into memories that will last a lifetime. For these local photographers, capturing the allure of Boise is one step on their artistic journeys.

    Emily Hanson

    Web---EmilyEmily was born and raised in Boise and has been taking pictures for as long as she can remember. She started with a point-and-shoot camera and began taking pictures of family and friends. Emily became seriously interested in photography during her junior year of high school. After taking a digital photography class and investing in a nice camera, she started booking shoots for others. From senior pictures to family photos, her repertoire is expanding. Emily loves exploring Boisean landscapes to capture new moments. For her, it’s all about finding the beauty in locations. Her plan is to just keep doing what she loves and see where it takes her.  To see more of her work, you can visit her on Facebook or check out her blog:


    Web---ChanelChanel Talbot 

    Chanel has been interested in photography her entire life. She’s always either been in front of the camera or behind it. She used to bring disposable cameras to school to take pictures of her friends. Chanel began to get serious about photography in high school and has grown her knowledge base and experience since then. Her passion for photography was fueled by seeing her work displayed next to so many other talented artists in the juried exhibit at Boise State University. For now, Chanel is focusing on building her portfolio while pursuing a visual arts degree at BSU.


    Cy GilbertWeb---Cy

    Cy received his first point-and-shoot camera on Christmas when he was very young. This allowed for him to have amateur fun on family vacations by documenting their experiences. In 2010, he was asked to shoot a friend’s wedding, and from then on, he got more serious about the art of photography. By 2012, Cy’s avocation was photography, and he is now a full-time photographer specializing in business portraiture, real estate, weddings, and families. Cy grew up with an appreciation for the arts, and this long-standing love shows in his work. His plans for the future are to begin focusing more on becoming better known in business portraiture and real estate photography.  To see more of Cy’s work, check out his website at


    WhitneWeb---Whitneyy Liebenthal

    Photography has always captured Whitney’s heart. At a very young age, she was captivated by a photograph’s ability to take her to a completely different time and place that she would have otherwise never experienced. She believes strongly that there is beauty in all people, places, situations, and phases of life. She practices psychometry, which promotes the idea that energy is held in and emitted by objects, including photographs. Whitney’s photography is an expression of the beauty she sees in the world, and her hope is to create a portal for her subjects and viewers to go back in time to see that beauty as if it were within and all around them. Whitney plans to continue taking honest and authentic images to showcase natural beauty. She is currently in the process of releasing a Facebook page for her images – State of the Heart Boise.


    Mark DyrudWeb---Mark

    Mark has always been a very visual person with a critical eye for design. This talent drew him to the visual arts world. His love for photography began in college when he studied the art and craft. He first began shooting at Los Angeles’s Piece College, where he originally went to study film. His experiences prompted him to pursue photojournalism. Mark loves the storytelling nature of photojournalism and the excitement it brings; there is always the possibility of capturing an image with the potential to reach the world and bring about positive change. Mark seeks to grow as a photojournalist and desires to connect with communities and cultures around the world in an effort to bring truth and hope. To see more of Mark’s work, visit

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