Naturally Healing and Rejuvenating the Body


By Veronica Lemaster  Photos Kimberlee Miller

With March being the peak of flu season, it’s important to know how to prevent getting ill or how to heal if you’re already feeling unwell. Thankfully, Boise has a range of options to choose from on how to heal without taking traditional medicine. Switch out that Advil for fresh pressed juice, or indulge in a eucalyptus steam room.

Here are a few places and products to help facilitate natural healing!

8th and Main Gym– At 8th and Main Gym, possibilities for healing naturally are endless. One of the most popular options is the eucalyptus steam rooms that run all day. Members and guests can take advantage of these to feel renewed from the inside out. The essential oil, eucalyptus, is known to be antibacterial and reduces symptoms of coughs, colds, and congestion. The steam rooms are heated to about 106 degrees, which cause your body to sweat and detox. “Essentially, when you sweat like that, you’re pulling toxins and stuff out of the body and sweating it out,” says Austin Zander of 8th and Main Gym. The steam also helps the respiratory system by breaking congestion up through the sinuses. Zenergy, part of 8th and Main Gym, also offers other services that help with those looking for a more personal remedy, such as acupuncture to resolve pain and improve sense of well-being, and yoga to help with your mind, body, and soul. 8th and Main Gym (208) 789-0477

Fresh Healthy Café– Located on Broad Street in BoDo, Fresh Healthy Café uses local ingredients to create delicious, healthy smoothies, food, juices and protein bowls sure to delight anyone’s taste palate. They believe in sourcing and serving fresh, high-quality ingredients to provide food for a healthy, balanced diet. They have many fresh pressed juices that offer various benefits for healing. A popular juice is the Cold Terminator squeeze for an immune boost, which has carrots, oranges, and ginger with no added sugar. For a quick remedy, try a wheatgrass or wellness shot that has several vitamins and minerals for overall good health. They also have protein bowls with quinoa, vegetables, a protein, and nuts. Another favorite is their power bowls, which has ingredients to boost energy, such as chai, pitaya, and PB2 peanut butter. “My favorite is the Oh Kale Yeah. I love it because I’m not a kale person, but it has kale, granola, coconut flakes, almonds, and blueberries, so you get your antioxidants while eating kale,” said owner Zaira Sutherland. Come try all the options at Fresh Healthy Café and get your health onFresh Healthy Café (208) 332-9800

Boise Juice Company– Locally owned and family operated, Boise Juice Co. has something everyone can enjoy when looking for healthier alternatives. The juice and smoothie company specializes in making juice that is 100% organic, with all fruit and vegetables primarily coming from Idaho. All juices are non-pasteurized, which keeps the enzymes and minerals alive in the juice, making it as healthy as it can get. “Each bottle of juice has two-and-a-half to three pounds of raw goods in it,” explained owner Roland Heubach. “It doesn’t get any healthier.” All juices do something different, for example, Turn Up the Beet, which has red apple, carrot, beet, lemon, and ginger, helps boost energy, blood flow, and circulation. If juice doesn’t interest you, they also make acai and pitaya bowls with no added sugar, dairy, gluten, or milk. Check out Boise Juice Co. at their location on W. State Street, or at their second shop opening in Southeast Boise. Boise Juice Company 208-853-3330

Renu MediSpa– At Renu MediSpa, natural remedies are endless. From Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a popular medical facial treatment using a special patented process exclusive to the spa, to a line of pharmaceutical-grade supplements that are designed to treat a variety of disorders, Renu MediSpa has something for everyone looking for a natural approach. Starting with RenuBiologics, a division that involves high-density, rich proteins and stem-cell growth factors, to help naturally rejuvenate skin. PRP allows ten times the number of platelets to be introduced into the skin which activates your own natural stem cells to produce proteins that revitalize skin, helping eliminate lines, wrinkles, pore size, and any kind of injury. The spa also offers Oxygen Skin Therapy, a facial which naturally kills bacteria to help treat acne without the use of antibiotics. “You can also switch it up a bit and do intense hydration to the skin, coming out of the winter to rejuvenate the skin with over 87 different minerals, vitamins, and nutritionals to jump start your skin’s natural ability to function,” says Tawni Weaver, owner of RenuMed Spa. For a more simple treatment, look to Vitamin B injections and vitamin infusions to cope with stress, fatigue, and weight gain. Renu MediSpa 208-939-4456

Piney Mountain Herbals– For a more holistic approach, look to herbs for healing naturally. Started in 2014 by Angi Hronek and Jamie Drysdale, Piney Mountain Herbals specializes in creating products from plants they grow themselves or trusted herbal suppliers in the Northwest. At Piney Mountain, you can find herbal blends such as Headache Relief, Indigestion Relief, and Idaho Immunity to help with any sickness. These blends include herbs that range from arrow leaf balsamroot, spilanthes, Oregon grape, California poppy, feverfew, turmeric, and ginger. They also sell fresh and processed herbs, extracts, and vinegars. “One of the main principles of herbal medicine is treating the person as a whole and treating the root of the problem rather than just covering up symptoms,” said owner, Angi Hronek. “Some allopathic medicine, such as Advil, will work quickly to relieve pain, but whatever is causing your headache is just going to happen again. Herbs can help address the root of the problem.” Piney Mountain Herbals can be found online, or once a year at the Boise Farmer’s Market. Piney Mountain Herbals (802) 249-8674