Spring Break in Two Hours

    Discover Beautiful and Relaxing Destinations here in Idaho

    Story by Chelsea Chambers, Photography by Pete Grady

    Spring break is rapidly approaching and signifies that half-way point of the semester for students. It’s a time for celebration and relaxation, as even a one week break can mean the world to those bunkering down in school. With assignments and due dates falling from the sky in droves, a vacation is more than necessary. Luckily for us, Idaho is home to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, and relaxation is not far away.

    McCall-1-Feature-#1Nearly everyone that lives in Boise has visited the gorgeous town of McCall, Idaho, but let’s not forget how instantaneously tranquil a stay in a river-front cabin in the mountains can be. Not only is McCall an aesthetically appeasing location to spend spring break, the entire drive up is painted with wooded wonder. With construction season still a little further down the road, the drive will probably be a peaceful one. While the weather may not be the most agreeable just yet, with winter still trying to fight through the spring, the allure of the scenery is not to be missed—hiking, biking, walking, and simply enjoying the clean mountainous air is enough relieve the stress of the semester.

    Spring break should be a time utilized to ease the tension caused by continuous studying and textbook delirium. One of the best ways to simultaneously unwind both body and mind is to spend time in some of Idaho’s famous natural hot springs. Most are located within a couple hours—some even closer—of Boise. There are literally dozens of hot springs open to the public, many with accompanying camp grounds. While it may not be the warmest time of year just yet, camping is still highly accessible and a campfire is guaranteed to warm the soul as the sun goes down. One of the many beautiful hot springs destinations, Burgdorf, is only about thirty miles north of McCall. They are open 7 days a week for your convenience and have fifteen rustic cabins for rent providing a luxurious, mountain-side spring break getaway. If you’re looking for a day trip, just down the way from Burgdorf is the popular Gold Fork Hot Springs. Gold Fork encompasses a wide range of water temperatures and their renowned hydro-massage is guaranteed to alleviate burdensome school toils.

    Goldfork-2You can also choose to deviate and head along the South Fork to Idaho City. One of the most beautiful views is The Springs in Idaho City, less than two hours away and serves amazing gourmet food plus poolside cucumber water to cool off.

    A majority of the hot springs located in Idaho are only a short drive from Boise—for a complete list of springs, visit If you’re seeking a more adventurous way to spend your spring break this year, there is a world of river sports available, although not for the faint of heart. The predictability of the weather in March is nearly impossible, but thankfully Idaho offers an array of river activities to do, despite the potentially freezing waters. Kayaking and river surfing before the snow fully melts is certainly an exhilarating method of clearing the mind and fueling the body. Whatever your ideal spring break may be, Idaho has an endless expanse of enthralling and easily accessible nature to ease the stress of the semester.





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