Surf’s Up

    Story by Chelsea Chamber, Photos by Amanda Antilla

    While The Corridor Paddle and Surf Shop founder Victor Myers hails from the Midwest, he grew up kayaking for most of his childhood, so he is no stranger to the water. He and his family are avid outdoor adventurers with a wanderlust and desire to see the world. Naturally inquisitive, Myers has been taking things apart and rebuilding them since he was young, so it’s no surprise to anyone that today he’s making his living from doing just that.

    Brought to Idaho by our many rivers and lakes, Myers was kayaking the North Fork long before he decided to actually move here. After traveling the world, he realized that there was something about Idaho and its beautiful landscape that he could really make something out of, quite literally.

    He began building boards about 10 years ago in Belize, where he was managing a private island adventure company. The paddleboarding trend was barely starting to scratch the surface at the time, but he was intrigued. Unfortunately, there was no way to get boards in Belize, so Myers began to building them for himself. Over the years, he experimented with various materials and their densities, shaping them for surfing, paddleboarding and wakesurfin


    He continued working and traveling, building and foraging for materials all over the world, from Asia to Guatemala. He was constantly shipping the products that he was drawn to. Eventually, his passion for outdoor recreation combined with his passion for building landed him at his very own surf and board shop in Garden City.

    The Corridor has a vibe unlike anything in Idaho, except for maybe The Yardarm next door, which is the bar that he co-owns with his friend Guy Midnight. Myers has

    turned the property into a workshop and retail store where he can build as he pleases,stocking the shop with all things fun and recreational. From custom-built boards and bike rentals to RV renovation and biofuel energy development, there is definitely no shortage of innovation happening at The Corridor on any given day.

    What started out seven years ago as a strictly online retail platform has developed into a full-fledged brick-and-mortar storefront, conveniently adjacent to the Boise River Greenbelt and Whitewater Park. Myers took a gamble on converting the online store to a building, but the location was perfect. The Corridor opened its doors on April 15, 2012, creating a physical space for the many projects Myers brings from his imagination into reality.

    The Corridor is open during the warm seasons, from April through October. Myers spends the rest of the year traveling to various surf spots and spending his time in the tropics. During the warm seasons, whether you are looking to simply rent a board for the day or have one custom built, The Corridor has everything you will need for outdoor recreation and watersports.

    CORRIDOR · 314 E 35TH STREET · 208.615.4787 · SURFBOISE.COM






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