yurt the days away


Parks and Recreation Department Offers Hidden Treasure to Idahoans

story by Chelsea Chambers

photography courtesy of Idaho Parks & Recreation

Being a part of nature has always been revered throughout Idaho. Our expanses of wildlife and beautiful scenery allows Idahoans to be next to nature at nearly every turn. One of the most extravagant ways to harmonize with nature and escape the bluster and stresses of daily life is to book a stay at the Idaho City area back- country yurts.

Yurts were first used in Central Asia thousands of years ago. They were primarily a nomadic establishment but are still highly prevalent in Mongolia. They were developed to protect travelers and soldiers from harsh weather conditions, and could be adjusted to acclimate to the changing seasons and variations in temperature. The Mongolian tent-like design has been harnessed by the Idaho Parks and Recreation Department, and has established a beautiful vacation destination not too far from the city.

There are six yurts to choose from in various locations around Idaho City, and each can comfortably house up to nine people.

Each yurt is home to its own private location, with no neighbors, no city lights, and absolutely no traffic for miles. There are many amenities to continually entice and entertain. The peaceful dwellings have beautiful mountainous views and a wide span of hiking trails and ski/snowboard destinations. The yurts are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions of both cold and heat, and are highly durable and resilient. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking and the yurts themselves are designed to ensure maximum comfort from every angle.

The influx of cold weather, shorter days, and often unmanageable driving conditions can leave our bodies more vulnerable to stagnation and complacency. Occupying both body and mind is by far one of the most effective ways to fight against boredom and to remain active. Sometimes a weekend getaway is just what the doctor ordered. Whether it be to hit the trails and venture into the wilderness to clear your mind, or to simply spend a few days nestled under a blanket, with a warm cup of cocoa to escape all the responsibilities and taxing life decisions making that often plagues us – there are dozens of ways to unwind and release in an Idaho City Yurt. Let the magnetism of Idaho wildlife inspire creativity and relaxation, all the while sparking the mind and tantalizing the senses.

For more information on rental pricing and campground locations, visit the Parks and Recreation website at parksandrecreation.idaho.gov