Joule Case


Passionate About Power—For All

By Chelsea Chambers

Our busy world is full of noise. The honking and rushing of traffic, the non-stop whir of plugged in electronics, horns, sirens, beeps, and non-stop commotion. The last thing anyone needs is the grrrglugggglugrrglugg of a noisy power generator. But, the world needs power, and in times of tumult, the world needs backup power. Enter: The Joule Case.

The business duo behind the Joule Case met during their time at the University of Idaho. James Wagoner and Alex Livingston got to know one another during their freshmen year Intro to Mechanical Engineering course and bonded over shared interests in biking, backpacking, and music festivals.

Their combined knowledge and expertise forms the perfect pairing. Alex handles product development, on both the software and hardware levels, while James manages resources, the company’s long-term vision, and implementation.

What each of them quickly realized during their time together is that there just wasn’t enough options for sustainable power. They started with an attempt to improve the design of electric cars, hoping to make them more feasible and appealing to the US market. Their design was “simple,” in engineering terms, but is described on their website as this: “The concept was a simple one, different vehicles require different units of energy, if the energy unit was standardized then vehicles could exchange spent units for fresh ones, eliminating the whole waiting to charge issue.” And the Joule Case has continued to evolve from there.

Based in Garden City, the pair has been great success with their energy concept and hopes to expand the product into a variety of other uses in the future. And for us without the engineering backgrounds, here is a quick overview of their currently available products.

Joule Case: 500 Portable Power Stack

Powerful, portable, and discreet, the P1200 Control Module with the Li500 battery is an excellent low-impact alternative to gas power. It makes a perfect security blanket for your home by powering your essential devices for days.

Joule Case: 1500 Portable Power Stack

Flexible enough so that you can power essential items as large as a refrigerator for 9 hours or your smaller essentials for days. You can pop off batteries and take a short stack to the park or tailgating.

Joule Case: 4000 Portable Power Stack

Take care of the people you love. This unit packs enough punch to power your family’s dwelling or your office for days! With the Li4k, you’ll never have to worry about power outages again.

And with the addition of their Solar Controller, all of their offerings are solar charge compatible! Alex, James, and the Joule Case are bringing the world what we so desperately need: sustainable, green power that is both reliable and affordable.

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