Naked Mixers


Pure, Real, Naked Goodness

By Kayli Corbin

Photography by Emma Thompson

A finely crafted cocktail is something of pure satisfaction. Those of us known to enjoy libations of the adult variety are no stranger to robust flavor combinations and the fragrant potency of tried and true cocktail recipes. Most of us associate out of this world drinks with a night out at a high-end restaurant or incredible effort and attention to detail put forth by an aspiring mixologist in your life. However, conscious consumption inevitably leaves us wondering, what exactly makes this drink so flavorful or how do they get it this color of blue?

We’re all advocates of knowing what goes into our body. A laundry list of artificial colors and flavors on a mixer’s ingredient list might push some of us to shoot straight instead of enjoying our traditional sip. Naked Mixers is a Boise based company offering mixers crafted with high-quality, locally sourced, natural ingredients. Alison and Ryan Braun have worked to hone their brand and bring craft cocktails directly to you.

Ryan shared, “Each of our mixers are carefully handcrafted to optimize each flavor profile. We only use real fruit, organic cane sugar, filtered water, and lemon juice to preserve each batch. We never compromise on the freshness of the fruit in each product. For example, we use 60 pounds of fresh ginger root per batch of Moscow Mule and 50 pounds of fresh local apples for each batch of Apple Pie. Read our ingredients, we dare you!”

Naked Mixers started as Simple Snow. The Braun’s were roaming the Capital City Farmers Market and practically melting one sweltering summer day in 2014. Alison’s heat ridden mind had an idea – snow cones. She wanted a summertime job to pay back her student loans accrued while studying to become a special education teacher. They planned to start a business crafting snow cones using locally sourced produce as much as possible. When a snow cone fell into a cocktail, they knew they had something very special.

They started canning their mixers in mason jars and selling them at the Farmer’s Market. Each week they would pack their 1969 VW Bus with everything except the kitchen sink and cruise to the market. Within their first year of sales, they were approached by the Idaho State Liquor Department to begin offering their mixers in the liquor stores.

They currently offer 10 flavors. The Mule Collection is comprised of Moscow Mule, Cranberry Mule and their newest addition, the Huckleberry Mule. They also offer Apple Pie, Jalapeno, Margarita, Mojito, and Lemon Drop. If coffee drinks are your delight, Caramel and Vanilla Bean are for you. Each bottle offers simple recipes. All you have to do is add your favorite spirit and you’ve got a restaurant quality drink in the comfort of your own home.

Get your hands on Naked Mixers at Capital City Farmers Market, Idaho State Liquor Stores, Boise Co-Ops, Albertsons, or WinCos. Stay up to date on recipes and insight into their creation by following them on Instagram @naked.mixers or on Facebook @nojunkmixers. The Brauns are bringing high-end cocktail mixers to you with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives because they know you deserve better.