Thinking About Remodeling Your Kitchen?

    Don’t Miss These Tips From a Professional Boise Kitchen Remodeler
    In this issue we’ve teamed up with Boise remodeling expert Ernie Sams to bring you must have tips for any kitchen remodel. Owner of Boise Kitchen Cabinets & Design with over 15 years of Boise area remodeling expertise, Ernie has a proven, step-by-step process for kitchen remodeling that ensures your project’s success – follow these 4 steps on your project:

    1. Kitchen Design & Layout

    No matter how large or small your kitchen remodel is, this is the most important step and one you cant’ afford to skimp on. Every kitchen remodel should start with thoughtful design that maximizes space and functionality. Rushing through the design process will create buyer’s remorse at the end of your project. It’s important that your design professional comes to your home to view your kitchen first-hand, and has a good background of remodel expertise so they can offer real possibilities. Good choices are architects and design-build remodeling companies like us who provide in-house, professional design services.

    1. Product and Material Selection

    Kitchens have more fixtures and elements to select than any other part of your home: cabinetry, countertops & backsplashes, plumbing & electrical fixtures, flooring, appliances, accessories, paint colors, etc. It’s critical for all selections to be finalized long before any work ever begins or your project may experience frustrating and unnecessary delays. Your design and/or remodeling professional should aid you through this process and be keeping an up-to-date list of your selections together with your design. Your kitchen is the focal point of your home, spending a little extra on key elements such as custom cabinetry,granite countertops, lighting & plumbing fixtures will offer big payoffs to your enjoyment later.

    1. Scheduling and Calendar

    Now that your selections are finalized, your remodeling contractor should map out every aspect of your remodel on a project calendar. This calendar should include everything from demolition, plumbing & electrical, to carpentry, final touches and cleaning. We give everyone on our remodeling team a copy of this schedule – including you! Start dates are based on the arrival of key elements such as cabinetry to avoid delays. This kind of detailed plan makes for a smooth project.

    1. Kitchen Remodel Construction

    Your worries are legitimate: Will the work be done right? Will it be done on time? Will it be within budget? If you’ve carefully completed steps 1, 2, & 3, then you can rest assured your project will go fairly smooth. As a professional remodeling contractor, it’s our job to keep your project on schedule, this includes our plumbers, electricians,  suppliers, etc. You get to sit back and watch your kitchen transform. Your contractor should  be in regular communication with you throughout the project about progress and any questions you have.
    Last But Most Important: How To Choose The Right Contractor
    A great contractor makes the tedious remodeling process enjoyable, while a sub-par contractor will drag it out and make it a drudgery. Always interview 3-4 possible contractors, ask for and actually speak with their references, make sure they’ve done remodels of the size and caliber of yours, and if at all possible view some of their work in person. Look for a contractor who has long-standing relationships with vendors and subcontractors, this indicates a dependable team. Take note of how well they communicate, answer questions and express themselves – because you’ll be talking with them a lot!
    If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, please put us on the list of kitchen remodeling contractors in Boise to interview. Our kitchen remodels shine like no other because that’s all we do, and we’re happy to provide a consultation and quote. Contact Ernie Sams personally at (208) 830-4054 or visit our website at






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