Let the Season Begin

    Bogus Basin gears up for another successful winter season

    story by Chelsea Chambers

    The leaves begin to change, the days grow shorter, and autumn’s crisp bite brings with it the promise of winter. While many are bunkering into their homes in preparation for hibernation season, others are out taking life by the slope, jetting off to the mountains to experience winter at its best, right here at Bogus Basin. Bogus is a community owned and operated recreation park that runs primarily off of partnerships within the Boise area.

    During the summertime, Bogus Basin is revered for its beautiful landscape and incredulously challenging disc golf course. However, not many realize that as soon as the gates are closed for winter, Bogus begins preparation for the next ski and snowboard season. They boast seven chairlifts and three lodges, all of which need continuous performance and preventative maintenance to keep the season flowing smoothly. Even as the last snow falls, everything is continually being monitored and repaired; it takes a small army to succeed in this operation. With over 2,600 acres of skiable land, landscape grooming is no minor task. Not to mention the endless array of trails and pathways that run through the resort, all of which need to be kept consistently manicured in order to keep above overgrowth.

    Since 1942, Bogus has been one of the top competitors in the ski and snowboard market, and for good reason. They cater to over 300,000 visitors each season, all of whom expect reliable, running equipment, high quality gear, and an enjoyable experience each and every time they attend. These high expectations keep Bogus running efficiently throughout the season, and it takes a constant stream of effort to maintain this operation in a timely and effective manner. Beginning on the first of October, Bogus screens, hires, and trains over 600 seasonal employees.

    Season passes are available all year round but the deals go fast – it’s recommended that you get your tickets before the season starts in order to get the best prices. They also have the award winning Passport Program for beginners that offers four lessons, ski gear, and a season pass for just $249. If you’re truly looking for the best deal around, hold out to buy your pass between February 17th and the 23rd for only $229, which is good for the rest of the season as well as the upcoming 2015-2016 season. If you haven’t got a pass already though, can you really wait that long?

    The primary mission at Bogus Basin is to persistently do good things for the community. After over seventy years of service and dedication to Idaho, they’ve just about mastered the ski and snowboard season. However, they are devoted to the continuation of not only themselves, but of the community as a whole, which drives them to constantly seek new and innovative ways to achieve bigger and better things for both Bogus and Boise. While the days may be shorter and the weather much colder, there’s no reason not to enjoy yourself all season long on this local mountain, and Bogus Basin provides one of the most active and exhilarating ways to do just that.

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