The Recycled Room


by Chelsea Chambers, photos by Mark Dyrud

I found myself in a conversation recently about the longevity of furniture; the woman I was talking with told me that, for the first time in over fifty years, she bought a new table. Before that, her tables were passed down from family members or traded with friends—she never thought it necessary to buy one herself because tables are so durable, long-lasting, and best of all, they held the history of those who owned it before. There are memories in furniture: eating dinner in your childhood home, feet dangling off the chairs, barely able to touch the floor. You will likely remember that table for the rest of your life, especially if it’s now sitting in your own kitchen.

The Recycled Room is filled to the brim with furniture that holds the same memory-filled history. Owner Jill Monteith has always had a fondness for old furniture, which helped drive her ambition to take over the store from its previous owners. She’s always admired the way that furniture can help design and create a room. So, after 13 years of working for a phone company, Monteith decided to act on her dreams. She took the leap, made a change, and started working at The Recycled Room, a consignment furniture store.

The open doors and smiling faces are a welcoming invitation into the 6,000 square foot showroom; the delightful smell of fresh wood and a large array of ornate decorations can be found in every corner of the building. Each object is perfectly placed, every shelf elegantly stocked. Dressers, chairs, night stands, paintings, tables, sofas…there is no shortage of inspiration to help transform any house into a beautifully designed home.

A majority of the items sold at The Recycled Room are brought in by other customers as consignment sales, but they like to ensure that the selection appeals to all and offers several new pieces for those with the interest. The Recycled Room also features beautiful locally crafted furniture by Mustache Flats; which includes unique pieces made from 100 to 200 year old wood. They also have a unique collection available from Dill’s Handcrafted Tables, in stock regularly. A highly popular seller is a line called Tropical Salvage, which hails from Indonesia. They have full lines of their hardwood selections featuring the elegant rosewood.

Monteith is proud to announce that as of December, The Recycled Room team would like to welcome Vance Lichtenberger, their newest business partner and partial owner. Lichtenberger now holds the position of store manager and shares the same belief that has helped Monteith run the store: customer service as their number one priority.

Regardless of taste or style preference, The Recycled Room has something for everyone. From 200 year old woods to innovative modern pieces, their selection is guaranteed to revamp your dining area or fill that empty space in your living room.

Visit The Recycled Room today and help support local business! Located at 9115 W. Chinden, on the corner of Maple Grove!