A Healthy Boost for Boise


True. Health with Dr. Karlfeldt highlights healing alternatives

By Sydney Moore, Photography by Mark Dyrud

While outsiders sometimes think that Idaho is behind the times, in fact, Idaho has a history of innovation. A new local television program showcasing healthy, natural lifestyles promises to push Idaho one step further toward national recognition.

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, N.D., Ph.D, is a well-respected naturopathic doctor, originally from Sweden and now based in Meridian. “My goal is to create awareness of the mind/body/spirit connection in our ability to heal ourselves,” he said. Dr. Karlfeldt has hundreds of patients whose healing testimonials are a solid witness to the success of that mission.

Two years ago, the “Dr. Michael Show” began airing locally and built a loyal viewership. Demand for the show’s content led Dr. Karlfeldt to rethink the limited scope of his production. He partnered with Catrine McGregor of CatMac Entertainment, LLC, who has created True.Health with Dr. Karlfeldt, a new forward-thinking format for the popular show. “We have filmed our first season and are so happy with the wide array of segments shot on location in Idaho and California,” he said.

McGregor was thrilled to join the Karlfeldt team. A long-time filmmaker based in Boise for the past six years, McGregor’s other passion has always been natural healing. “I’m in heaven,” she said. “I get to devote my time to doing a job I love while creating a show that actually makes a difference. Our director, Greg Green, has created a beautiful, informational television show that has education, passion, and humor at its base. We are so proud to have Chef Cristina Drake, teen Daniel Frandson and exercise specialists Carlie Young and Don Shanks (of Halloween V and Grizzly Adams fame) as segment co-hosts.”

At the recent premiere of the show, one of the segments featured an extensive interview with Michel Backes, a cannabis specialist based in Los Angeles. A disclaimer at the beginning of each show makes it clear that True.Health with Dr. Karlfeldt is dedicated to showing as many healing protocols as possible, though many of the protocols shown are not endorsed by The Karlfeldt Center. The show will not shy away from controversial topics.

After a local run of True.Health with Dr. Karlfeldt, the show will go national.Jeff Sayer, the Director of the State of Idaho Department of Commerce, has been a strong supporter from the beginning. “Catrine has worked hard on his project, and we are excited for her.  Filmmaking is an exciting opportunity for Idaho’s future economy, and we celebrate these moments as important steps in building that future.”

The show will create local jobs and also increase awareness of Idaho and exposure to local organic farms, products, alternative healers, natural veterinarians, and many other regional assets.

True.Health with Dr.Karlfeldt will begin airing on Thursday, September 10 at 4:00pm on Channel 72. Shows will also be archived and available for free viewing on TrueHealthShow.com.