Ironwood Social

    Ironwood Social Brings Life to Garden City

    By Janelle Stear Photo Kimberlee Miller

    The old Shorty’s Saloon building on Glenwood has been revamped as Ironwood Social. Owners, Shannon Will and Troy Jackson wanted to create a place where people can feel relaxed—whether they’re watching the game, listening to live music, or playing table tennis.

    For forty years, Shannon’s family has owned the iconic building across from the Fairgrounds. Her parents operated Shorty’s Saloon for most of those years.  Now it is Shannon and Troy’s turn to recreate the family hangout. Ironwood Social opened its doors in October 2017.

    Troy also owns the Re-Style consignment store, which is where most of the fun and eccentric décor comes from. Shannon had previously worked in the corporate world, but she felt ready to try something new, “I just feel like every business Troy and I have been in has brought us to this place as a family. Troy and I are doing this together. We are not competing with anyone.”  

    Shannon and Troy have created their own original vibe, complete with a Volkswagen bus, repainted tires, large wooden barrels, and multi-colored bar stools. In the cozy art corner, there is an actual forklift. The hanging lights around the room provide a calming ambiance for catching up with friends. They also plan to build a wrap-around porch and improve the front landscaping to make it an even more ideal hangout in the summer.

    Ironwood welcomes children with parents until 9 pm. Shannon recalls, “We had one family in here recently—the mom and the two kids were painting while the dad watched a football game.” The dad thanked her because their family had not done anything together like that in a long time. “We are not perfect. We learn every day. We make a point to ask our customers what they think and what suggestions they have for us,” says Shannon.

    “We are not a sports bar. We just really want to have a great family neighborhood place for people to come.” A place to feel comfortable.

    Ironwood uses local products for their delicious food and drinks, such as their extensive beer list and kombucha bar, with bring-your-own growler fills. The beers are all local and fresh. Some of their other local distributors are Idaho Whiskey, Koenig Vodka, 44 North, and Buck Snort Soda Company. Ironwood Social also serves Dawson Taylor Coffee and local honey. If you’re hungry, BBQ4Life provides mouth-watering food in house, such as pulled pork, burgers, and their famous vegan options.

    These partnerships are what make Ironwood Social unique. Shannon explains, “We are really trying to support the community by serving local beers, local food. We want to be a positive business in Garden City.”

    Ironwood was conceptualized after talking with Troy’s long time barbers, Jeff Summers and Wendy Rose, prompting The Beardsmith to move in next door. Every Thursday, the restaurant hosts open mic. Shannon and Troy have been astonished at the quality of the local talent and the excited energy from the audience. Great music and company, delicious food and drinks, all in one place. Rain or shine, the Ironwood Social has something for everyone.





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