Zip into Summer with Veronica Scooters


By Meghan Levi
Photography by Emma Thompson
Looking for a unique way to introduce Boise to your summer guests? Or perhaps show your real estate client’s potential properties? How about a date night out of the ordinary? Veronica Scooters is your answer.
High on the fun factor, they offer rentals for a variety of time frames, and mechanic work for those who own their own scooters. Founded five years ago by then 17-year-old Dason Lock, Veronica Scooters has one main goal – to create joy.
“The smiles are what makes it all worth it. People get hooked on it because it brings so much joy, and you get to see Boise in a whole new way,” said Dave Lock, Dason’s father and business partner.
The business is named after Dason’s first scooter, a cherry red Ruckus he bought used at age 16. The shop offers gas-powered scooters with 49cc motors. A valid driver’s license is required and riders must be over the age of 18. First-time riders must sign a rental agreement and receive training from the staff, all of whom are trained in the Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Course. Helmets are free with your rental and highly encouraged.
For a small fee you can upgrade to “comm helmets” where you can talk to your scooter mate. Being able to chat with your buddy as you zoom around town makes the experience that much more fun! With “comm helmets”, you can also connect via Bluetooth to your phone to listen to a playlist of your choice. After a brief parking lot test to perfect balance and scooter control, you’ll be off on your adventure!
Veronica Scooters provides a handy guide to Boise, taking the rider past city landmarks, parks, and areas of interest. The map can be assessed online in an interactive format. They also offer a date night special for $110, which includes two scooters for three hours plus dinner at either Red Bench Pizza, Cucina Di Paolo, or Fanci Freez. I had the opportunity to zoom around during lunch hour for my first ever scooter experience. Dave was right, it was pure joy.
With all the new transportation vehicles available in Boise – from e-scooters to e-bikes – there are lots of options to choose from. The new e-scooters have made quite the splash (good, bad, or indifferent) on the Boise community. All the options are fun, just keep in mind they have different rules, expectations for behavior, and capabilities. Veronica Scooters offers something a bit different from the national e-scooter craze, they offer a uniquely Boise experience founded on bringing joy to the local community.
For more information check out or give them a call at (208) 779-0866.