Big River Paranormal


Explaining the Unexplainable

By Chelsea Chambers

Photos Kimberlee Miller

Halloween season is upon us, which means that for Cody Remer and the Big River Paranormal team, things are gearing up.

Cody, who has been the Director of the Boise Team since September 2012, has had his fair share of personal experiences, but for him and Big River Paranormal, they are aiming to help educate the public and gather evidence about paranormal events. Cody bounced around a lot while growing up but is from Pocatello originally. During his childhood, he had several “unexplainable things happen,” but that is the case with a lot of children, as they are often more open to experiences that we, in adulthood, may not be so openminded about.

Big River Paranormal is a group of volunteers with similar interests in paranormal activity. Each likeminded individual has joined to help educate the public on the unexplained. And according to Cody, “95% of all claims have a logical explanation.” However, for those involved, that 5% is what they are in this for: compiling information and experiences to learn more about the world of paranormal studies.

They frequently host public investigations at places like the Old Penitentiary, where people can join in the activity and watch the team go to work with their machinery. One of their most popular pieces of equipment can track EVPs, or electronic voice phenomena, in which sounds of voices are imprinted onto a device.

Cody himself did experience something unexplainable at the Old Pen during one of their public investigations. He saw what appeared to be a shadowy figure, crouched and huddled in a small area of the Old Pen. More tales of their investigations at the Old Pen and other places around the area can be found on their website at

Cody considers himself a student of paranormal. There is always something more to be learned, always something more to experience. And for those of us who have felt something, seen something, or heard something, that we just can’t really explain… we can take solace in knowing that Big River Paranormal is here to help alleviate those fears and make sense of them. And the best part is that it is completely free of charge. For both residential and commercial cases, be it your home, office, business, or otherwise, Big River Paranormal and their team are here to make us feel safe and understand the often unexplainable.

So, if you’ve ever heard a bump in the night or seen something that you just can’t quite explain, reach out to Big River Paranormal and feel safe in your space again. “When you’re able to educate and tune your skills, it’s easier to focus and register what’s actually happening,” says Cody. And sometimes it takes an expert in the field to help us understand these seemingly unexplainable sights and sounds.

For more information about their previous investigations and to learn more, visit their webpage