It’s a Lifestyle Thing


Templeton Real Estate Group

By Amy Larson, Photography by Pete Grady

Active. Outdoorsy. Vibrant. Into community.

Dawn and Mark Templeton, who moved here years ago from Orange County, California, are seeking the ideal lifestyle.

Serious college athletes, both enjoy staying active, which strongly influenced their decision to live in East Boise.

“It’s got access to everything outdoors,” Dawn Templeton shares, “We see the river from our house, ride bikes, hike the foothills, boat at Lucky Peak, and the natural settings are gorgeous.”

“Our lifestyle is active,” she adds, “and since ‘vibe attracts tribe,’ we tend to attract clients like that, too. When they ask what’s so great about East Boise, we show them.”

East Boise includes Barber Valley, which is home to the expansive Harris Ranch, and also the coveted Shakespeare Festival area.

The drama-themed portion was recently threatened by a proposed development, adjacent to the theatre.

“Historically,” the Templetons share, “when residential complaints of noise occurred, the Festival had to move. This time, we were involved in preventing that. The development was stopped; something we felt proud of. ‘Shakespeare,’ with its conservation pools, is just beautiful. Beyond making a living in Real Estate is the preservation of lifestyle. We have a certain kind of life here, and want others to have that, too.”

The Templetons once helped East Boise clients move to a larger home near Eagle Road. Two years later, the clients returned, expressing that life “just wasn’t the same,” and bought a smaller home close to the river. Templeton Real Estate currently has a listing at 3852 Hardesty, a 3,537-square-foot, 5-bedroom, 4.5-bath family home on a 0.27 acre parcel. Dawn’s description gets one dreaming:

“There’s a welcoming porch, covered back patio, lavish master suite, marble floors, and a private work out area. There’s what I call a ‘dream kitchen’ with oversized granite bar, Wolf range, and large walk-in pantry. All of this just a short walk from Bown Crossing and Marianne Williams Park—this one is meant to enjoy.”

“When people realize how different their lives can be here, they just love it. When scaling up they move from one East Boise neighborhood to the other,” the Templetons enthuse, “We live and work here. Are we advocates for East Boise? Big time. We protect it, we live the lifestyle, we invite people in, and,” they joked, “when they leave, we bring them back into the family-oriented, community vibe, where everyone’s involved with things like ‘Shakespeare,’ Neighborhood Associations, or the City Council.”

Their neighbors place great value on having the Greenbelt just outside back doors, or the river within walking distance. They greet each other at the Shakespeare Festival, on the Greenbelt, at Bown Crossing, and at the parks. When commercial space opened at Bown, the Templetons jumped on it, now waving to clients walking past their office.

“We’re home,” Dawn says.


Templeton Team’s Favorite East Boise Things:

“We love having access to the greenbelt steps from our office—perfect for a lunch-time run, and there’s plenty of local restaurants for outdoor dining.”—Arleen Decory, Office Manager

“It’s rare to find a place with naturally beautiful surroundings while providing a family-friendly environment.”—Jill Hella, Buyer Specialist

“I love a shaded run by the river, cycling to outdoor summer concerts, the views from Table Rock, patio drinks at Lucky 13, impressing out-of-towners at COA, wildlife sightings, and boating at Lucky Peak!”—Krista Deutsch-Frey, Listing Coordinator

“I love Bown Crossing, river floating, Shakespeare, mountain biking, greenbelt walking, all without even starting the car.”—Mark Templeton, Designated Broker

“Coming from California where I drove freeways daily, what I love is that I never have to drive on the freeway to do everything we enjoy. It’s a bike ride away, or closer.”—Dawn Templeton