Modern Midwifery


A Meaningful and Empowering Relationship

By Kayli Corbin

Photography Kimberlee Miller

There are times in your life that pull from an untapped and undiscovered reservoir of strength. These times shower us in defining experiences and catalyze transformation. Arguably one of the most life-changing moments any woman can experience is the birth of a child.

Imagine yourself, plump with human life and convinced that now is the time for your miracle to bless this world. Your spiritual and physical rite of passage is beginning. Who do you turn to? Building a relationship with the medical professional responsible for guiding you through the delivery of human life is integral to a positive birthing experience.

Kristi Rhodes and Megan Kitterman, Certified Nurse Midwives at Idaho Stork, radiate the support and kindness that is necessary for a successful birth. They boast a combined 25 years of experience in child birth, having both previously worked as Labor and Delivery Nurses. Kristi and Megan have a passion and dedication to uplifting mothers, sisters, wives, and families. All women are inherently different, and the Midwives of Idaho Stork promote their patient’s rights to make decisions about their individual birthing process.

The Midwives of Idaho Stork attend births at St. Luke’s hospital in Boise. They use their knowledge of birth, calming presence, and loving support to create a peaceful birthing environment. When visiting their office, you will notice touches of personality everywhere. Decorative quilts replace cold exam paper, décor graces the walls and elicits serenity, and countless photos display the soulful work of the Midwives of Idaho Stork. Every aspect of this practice is focused on the creation of a personalized experience, allowing your divine motherhood to flourish and radiate.

The midwifery model of care is supported by a large body of evidence, founded upon many years of research. A 2016 report by the Cochrane Collaboration states that women who received midwifery care were more likely to experience a spontaneous vaginal birth, less likely to utilize an epidural, less likely to experience intervention, and had a decreased incidence of preterm birth. An editorial titled ‘Finding the Path’ beautifully states, “Giving birth is supposed to shake us right down to our roots and leave us in awe of the power of the experience – and of the power in ourselves for getting through it”. The Idaho Stork midwives believe that women and families are strengthened through positive birth experiences, and they are here to walk the journey with you.

Kristi and Megan work collaboratively with Glen Lovelace, MD and owner of Idaho Stork. They  believe that during pregnancy, women are best served by a MD-Midwife team. The Midwives of Idaho Stork work in tandem with Dr. Lovelace for routine prenatal ultrasounds and when complications arise during birth. This model assures you are provided with the highest quality of care possible.

To find more information on their philosophy and detailed bios of the whole team, head over to Women can find help at every step of their journey. From adolescence to menopause, Idaho Stork is here for you.