Shining Brightly


Justin Reynolds has a passion for comfortable, sustainable living.

By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, Photography courtesy of Sunrise Development LLC and Sunrise Signature Homes

Justin Reynolds bought his first home when he was 23, and then he remodeled it.  “People knocked on our door looking to buy, so I guess I did a good job,” he jokes. Then he started building new ones. As president of Sunrise Development LLC and Sunrise Signature Homes, Reynolds has lived in the Treasure Valley for 13 years. Currently, he is focused on the Tianna Park development off of Boise and Apple Streets in desirable Southeast Boise.  A beautiful canopy of trees shades the new subdivision of fifteen homes. “Our homes are built to last with Spanish tile roofs, full stucco, quartz counters and many green and energy efficient upgrades. They range in price from $350,000 – $410,000.” he says.

Reynolds is keen about green. When asked about his dream project he enthuses, “I would love to do a green, net zero neighborhood in Boise that includes solar panels with the price of the home. I think that’s the only way solar will take off here. We have so much sunshine, we should be using it.”

For Reynolds, the biggest challenge as a developer and builder is finding the right location. “The current location was on my radar for three years before we were able to put something together,” he says. “I always consider the reasons people love Boise, an urban-outdoorsy city. It’s important to be close to shopping, school and work but also close enough to the great outdoors that it’s accessible.”

Reynolds enjoys exploring the Treasure Valley with his wife Kristine, and their three children.  “Whether it’s stumbling across a waterfall or a great new restaurant with excellent creme brulee, it can all be done here in one afternoon!” he says.  He shares what he likes most about Idaho: “Sounds cliche, but there’s no better explanation than the quality of life. There’s no crime, pollution, or traffic, and the schools are awesome! We researched for two years before moving here and have never second-guessed our choice.”

As for his expertise, “Sunrise Signature Homes has been chosen time and again as the preferred builder based on our ability to build a quality product,” Reynolds. “We perfect our floor plans for each customer, maintain a steady contract, and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards.”

Reynolds also believes that every business should make strengthening the whole community a priority. “We buy as much as possible locally and from the Pacific Northwest and give our surplus materials to Second Chance and Habitat for Humanity because we’re all in this together.”

Reynolds has some long term goals with global implications. For every custom home he builds here, Reynolds plans to have a home donated and built for a family in Africa. “We are hoping the idea will catch on with other builders, developers, and suppliers. We are a small company and expect our impact will be small, but in a world where there is so much need, we hope to be significant to the people who receive homes.”