Greenbelt Magazine Secures Boise Airport Distribution Site


BOISE, ID  Greenbelt Magazine’s name and logo will soon be added to the main retail marketplace at the Boise Airport as part of existing retailer Paradie’s 2014 ten-year contract. The Boise Airport has recommended Paradie’s RFP, which includes Greenbelt Magazine along with other publications including the Idaho Statesman, and has submitted it to the Boise City Council for final approval.

Greenbelt Magazine, one of Idaho Media Publishing premiere regional lifestyle publications, focuses on all things Boise including updates on the cycling and music scene as well as features of local businesses and people who are making a difference in our community. Prime placement in the airport will create 2.5 million new impressions for the magazine, with its slogan “It’s a Boise Thing!”

“We are excited about the opportunities for our readers and advertisers,” said Tia Markland-Crabtree, owner of Idaho Media Publishing. “This will really make Greenbelt Magazine Boise’s magazine. We plan to increase distribution and upgrade the format so that we can reach an even wider audience.”

Greenbelt Magazine is published six times per year.


Idaho Media Publishing is a Boise publisher of premiere regional lifestyle publications, Greenbelt Magazine and Eagle Magazine. For more information, visit their websites at and