A Trip Around Boise with It’s A Boise Thing!


Story by @itsaboisething, Photos from business’ Instagrams

Boise is second to none, and at It’s a Boise Thing we just want to share why!  The city life and the recreational activities are the perfect pair! But then you add in the local foods, events, and community, and now all of a sudden it’s love. We love Boise and we want to express it by sharing the extraordinary local surroundings!

We all love food, so it’s our duty to introduce you to phenomenal bites such as Waffle Me Up, and Grit! Waffle Me Up specializes in sweet or savory waffles that are handmade with a yeast risen dough and then pressed with Belgian sugar pearls which caramelize to give it the perfect crunch to the exterior, leaving you with a delicious chewy center.

Grit is the All-American cuisine and it’s everything about American food and drink that you love! Burgers, salads, pizzas, omelets, cocktails, cobblers and more! When you and your family can’t decide where to eat, this is the delicious go-to!

We love the recreational soul of Boise, including the gorgeous Pine Flats Natural Hot Springs. You can camp and enjoy the endlessly tall surrounding trees and the short trail that leads you to the mountainside hot springs where you can watch rafters float by on the river below!

We’re here to make sure you’re always in the know when it comes to what you just can’t miss out on in Boise, Idaho! You can find our blog at itsaboisething.com or follow our Instagram @itsaboisething where we are consistently sharing the great things of Boise and all that surrounds us.  There’s so much to love here, we want to help you discover new and exciting places to explore or visit! If you love Boise as much as we do, you’ll love It’s a Boise Thing!

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