Idaho’s adventures in preservation


Story by Ryan Gerulf, Photos Submitted

For the past 43 years the month of May has been celebrated as National Preservation Month across the country. Preservation Month was established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation to raise awareness about the power that historic preservation has to protect and enhance our historic communities.

Boiseans can understand the importance of this movement first-hand, as the 1970s featured a development movement bent on destroying historic downtown buildings and replacing them with a shopping mall. Luckily, local groups like Preservation Idaho were started to help preserve Boise’s historic past and allow us to enjoy our vibrant downtown.

Today, the month of May continues to be a celebration of our cultural heritage with Idaho Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month (IAHPM). This year will be Idaho’s 29th year celebrating this national month of education and awareness, with the theme being Idaho’s Adventures in Preservation.

“With this year’s IAHPM activities, the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is trying to reach not only our typical audience, but also people who might not normally think too much about archaeology or historic preservation. We want to give people a way to tangibly connect to Idaho history and their environment, so that they’ll be inspired to get involved in preserving their own communities,” said Tricia Canaday, Outreach Historian for the Idaho SHPO.

This year the Idaho SHPO is leading preservation adventures across the state. Some of these activities include:

View an Art Show focused on the buildings of historic Boise

Take a Tour of INL Desert sites

Visit the Archaeology Fair where you can participate in hands-on activities

Learn about Mackay Mining on an ATV tour

Discover the History of Boise along the Greenbelt

Ride along on a Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tour

There are a wide variety of activities for all ages across the state of Idaho. Find more information at


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