Ironside Roasting


The best beans that brew the best coffee

By Chelsea Chambers  Photo Kimberlee Miller

It’s midday. There’s still so much work to get done. The papers are stacking up, the printer is on the fritz again. The office vibe switches from motivated and productive to slow and sleepy. For most of us, it grows progressively more difficult to focus when the midday lull shows up. But as we all know, there is almost nothing more invigorating than a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee. Unfortunately, office coffee doesn’t have a reputation of being very… good.

Colin Seeley’s business model is seeking to change that. His company, Ironside Roasting, is bringing flavor and freshness back to the office, and in turn, increasing productivity. Seeley is working to transform the traditional office coffee by providing businesses with a way to break free from bland, prepackaged brews, and instead, purchase sustainably sourced coffee from someone that really knows coffee.

And I mean, he really knows coffee. “I could fill your entire notebook,” Seeley tells me, when I ask him to share some of his knowledge. Imagine having fresh coffee delivered to the office every week. Imagine the midday lull or the morning sleepys simply dripping away with freshly roasted coffee from Ironside.

“As a society, we are moving toward a better product and away from just convenience.” And it is this ideal that has inspired Seeley to source only the best beans that brew the best coffee, because we deserve it.

In the Treasure Valley, there are only about three other roasters that deliver to businesses. And they’ve been setting the standard in the area for decades. Seeley seeks to challenge this standard by finding the most high quality beans, sourced from sustainable places, to create the most delicious, uniquely profiled cups of coffee.

One of the most important aspects of the Ironside Roasting business model is to create quality and consistency within each batch of coffee. Because while it is imperative to source ethically and sustainably, there’s a lot more to it than just good beans. Much like wine, coffee flavor profiles have incredible depths and complexities, so it’s important that the sourcing, roasting, and brewing are all dialed in together. Ironside Roasting will even make a special trip to your office, ensuring that your brewing equipment is up to the Ironside standard.

While the initial goal of Ironside Roasting was to revamp office coffee, Seeley’s products can also be found at the Farmer’s Market, Boise Co-Op, and as well as several partnerships with other local businesses, like Payette, County Line Brewing and the STIL ice cream shop. In fact, one of the best parts about being a local company in Boise is being able to “meet, collaborate, and learn from all the businesses in the area,” says Seeley.

Visit the website at to find out more information about wholesale options and the importance of quality and sourcing. Treat yourself and your office to a fresh, delicious cup of Ironside Roasting coffee. You deserve it.