Nature is a Real Treat


by Chelsea Chambers, photos by Treats Photography

Since she was young, Virginia Treat has always had a passion for the arts—her talents extend into acting, dancing, painting, modeling, and photography. Born in New York, Treat moved here at the age of 10 and Idaho has been her home ever since.

Five years ago, Treat began modeling and that spurred her love for the camera and the unique art of photography. “I started shooting nature, taking walks, and just finding the natural beauty in the things that surround us. To gain experience I would go on group shoots with models and photographers that I know in town from my time modeling. I find some of my greatest pleasure taking photos and sharing the beauty and creating lasting memories.”

After discovering her passion for photography, she started Treats Photography and began shooting incredible photos of both people and landscape. She continues to do an astounding job finding the beauty within a scene and has a keen eye for lighting and design.

Combining her love of nature with photography, Virginia Treat has geared her dedication toward embarking on a nature conservation initiative. The concept behind the project is to create nature-minded photos that feature the beauty of the natural world alongside talented, high-fashion models; the images will then be designed into a series of merchandise—photo books, calendars, prints, etc—and placed up for sale. All of the proceeds from the purchases will be going toward local nature conservation facilities like the World Center for Birds of Prey and the Craters of the Moon Natural History Association.

The project consists of 10-12 photoshoots, each with a unique theme in nature. Throughout the year, Treats Photography will be traveling to various locations across the state to capture the beauty and versatility of the Idaho landscape. Treats Photography is working with a talented team of designers and artists including Amanda Woods doing hair and makeup; Holly Taylor, Nina Luque, and Unique Irish specializing in costume; Danielle Solberg, Abby Dee, and several others that will be ensuring that the project runs as smoothly as possible.

Creatively themed shoots are vital to the concept of the nature conservation initiative and Treats absolutely does not disappoint. The first shoot encapsulated the idea of wildlife as a whole and was shot with the models dressed in  animal costumes featuring a bear, wolf, and an elk. The landscapes and scenery are eloquently  captured and maintain the principles of the initiative that nature is something to conserve, to protect. The next two themed shoots will be taking place on July 31 and August 27.

All merchandise crafted for the conservation initiative is available for pre-sale. Visit the webpage below to access the pre-order page and to help support Treats Photography’s nature conservation initiative!