Salvage Sisters & Son

    Revealing the beauty in being rustic

    By Elle Parker

    Photography by Kimberlee Miller

    It’s no secret that flea markets and secondhand stores are becoming increasingly popular, and Boise is no exception to this trend. Chas and Catherine Wojick run Salvage Sisters & Son, Boise’s prided local vintage goods shop. After four years of ‘picking’ together for fun in Southern California, the two decided to finally begin their own business last September. As the dynamic mother-and-son duo from Redondo Beach continue to scavenge the Pacific Northwest for the best rustic pieces, the demand only heightens for classic decor such as theirs. It’s clear that this team has an eye for top-notch vintage items—even one glance into their shop or Instagram feed will make that clear.

    With their headquarters nestled on Broadway Avenue, Salvage Sisters & Son is a quaint shop, the product of a passion-driven team who travels through Oregon, California, and Washington buying, redoing, and re-selling coveted vintage items. In addition to this, Catherine owns and manages Savory n Sweet Inc., while Chas runs his other business, Salvage Coffee Co. “We have the sweets and coffee daily to make shopping experience a bit different,” Catherine explained.

    After their initial opening a little over a year ago, business has skyrocketed for this hard-working bunch. Fortunately, for Salvage Sisters & Son (as well as other similar businesses), there has been a recent incline in the past five years of second-hand buying. The Wojicks have taken advantage of the vast market of vintage items that are begging to be redone and resold in such a captivating way. Luckily for this group, they know exactly what buyers want and how to restore items to their former glory or revamp the rustic nature to create “new and improved” version of their products. Even though they’re a relatively new business in town, they’re already a beloved part of Boise. “We love being in Southeast Boise [and] we hope to be here for quite a few years!” they told me.

    A large portion of their success is due to their avid participation in pop-up shows and frequent workshops, where they partner with other Boise artisans, including wedding planners, modern calligraphers, and florists to bring the artist out of anyone willing to attend. Their aesthetic is impossible to beat, making them a desirable seller to both the young and old. They not only sell furniture, but also timeless clothing, ranging from vibrant leather jackets to classic Levi’s flannels.

    All in all, Salvage Sisters and Son represents everything that a vintage shop should: a perfect blend of classic and eclectic, harmoniously bringing together the old and the new. No matter if you’re into decor, clothing, flowers, or coffee, there’s something there for everyone. You’re truly missing out if you haven’t dropped by their store, which is rich with history and teeming with life.

    To keep up with Salvage Sisters & Son, follow them on Instagram @SalvageSistersandSon, visit their website , or drop by to see the store at 1767 S. Broadway Avenue.






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