Solving the Mystery behind JUMP!


You will be inspired by this one- of-a-kind venue!

By Janelle Stear

Photography by Kimberlee Miller

Have you seen that large, uniquely shaped building with the exterior stairwells, five-story spiral slide, and a huge triangular play piece downtown? If you have not lived in Boise very long, you may not know the story of JUMP. The six-story building on the corner of Myrtle and 9th Streets is Jack’s Urban Meeting Place – or JUMP – a celebration of creativity and inspiration. It is a place for the community to participate in a kaleidoscope of ever-changing activities, events, and programs.

JUMP is a place you have to experience for yourself with its colorful décor and diversity of offerings. Three years after the opening, JUMP is launching the JUMP Experience just in time for making New Year’s Resolutions and trying something new.

What is the JUMP Experience?

The JUMP Experience is a customized program that has been tested for the past 12 months for groups of 10 or more. “The program will officially launch in February and provide team building, gratitude, and connecting activities in various spaces throughout JUMP,” says Maggie Soderberg, Executive Director.

Each JUMP Experience is specially planned based on size, time of year, and age(s) of guests to ensure optimal enjoyment. Participants choose from a menu of unique activities that expand their imagination while utilizing and exploring the JUMP rooms and spaces. If weather permits, a trip to the JUMP Park promises to get everyone’s adrenaline running. Whether it’s a ride down the five-story Spiral Slide, or by reaching the top of the three-story Climber, or running through The Mister, the Park ignites a playful spirit in all. Listed below is a sample of JUMP Experience packages:

  1. The Foodie Experience– “For those who love eating or cooking,” in the SHARE Kitchen Studio
  2. The Yogi Experience– “For mind & body happiness,” in the MOVE dance studio
  3. The Wannabe / Connecting Experience – “Collaborate, Communicate & Crack Up,” in the PLAY multimedia Studio
  4. The Gratitude Experience- “Laugh, Appreciate & Be Merry,” in the INSPIRE Studio
  5. The Visionary Experience – “The Inspiration behind JUMP,” in the INSPIRE Studio
  6. The “Doc Rob’s Tractor Tour” Experience- The Private Tractor Tour
  7. The Giving Experience – Support a local non-profit, in the MAKE Studio

Kathy O’Neill, Community Engagement Director says, “We want to promote the power of play… Playful is happy. You connect with people through play.” For that JUMP relies on Ahnna Dudley, JUMP Experience Coordinator, and Allie Talboy-Haller, Happiness Coordinator, as the “dynamic duo” and creative minds behind each new program. They create opportunities for all. Ahnna shares, “We live in such a busy world that most of us take human connection for granted. We create programs that give people the chance to connect and communicate with each other.” Allie adds, “Whether your objective is teambuilding, connecting or just sharing lots of laughs, we will create a program for your group.”

Explore the Delightful Universe that is JUMP

In addition to JUMP Experiences, the community can explore the site on their own. JUMP offers six floors with more surprises. The main floor lobby is where you can meet with colleagues/friends, or just sit on one of the comfy seats (available Tuesday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm).


While there, grab the Walk and Wonder Tour booklet to discover all things JUMP. It will lead you to fun activities, goofy prompts and great selfie opportunities. And you can’t miss J. R. Simplot’s vintage tractor collection sprinkled throughout the site.

Below are the spaces highlighted in the tour booklet (please use caution while exploring, as some spaces may be in use):

  • Level 1- JUMPSTER Exhibit – a slow motion camera + J. R. Simplot history audio display + SHARE Kitchen Studio + TASTEBUDS Attractor (attraction + tractor)
  • Level 2 – Outside Pioneer Staircase + the JUMP Team Offices
  • Level 3 – Avery 18-36 Tractor + Garden Terrace
  • Level 4 – The NEST Attractor, INSPIRE Studio (Idea Launch Room), Play Button + PLAY multimedia Studio
  • Level 5- MOVE Studio + The Deck Patio + MAKE Studio + Fun Zone + JUMP Room
  • Level 6- The Pioneer Room is perfect for community fundraisers, inspirational conferences, galas, or educational lectures

From the outdoor amphitheater, sweeping terraces, rooftop parks, meeting areas, play areas, and stunning views, there is something for everyone. Kids as well as adults love climbing the outdoor pyramid; the many benches and public Wi-Fi make the venue a premier stop downtown. You cannot miss the five-story slide which will open again to the public during programmed hours in the Spring!

The History Behind JUMP Starts with an Innovative Businessman.

JUMP begins with the legacy of a notable Idaho businessman, J. R. (Jack) Simplot. The Simplot Company website states: Simplot began his remarkable agricultural career in Declo, Idaho, at the age of fourteen, in 1923. His potato company invented a way to make dehydrated vegetables for the troops stationed overseas during World War II. He even sold the first French fry to McDonald’s Corporation. explains, “Jack’s ingenuity and determination set his company on its innovative course. His recipe for success: grab opportunity in even the most challenging environments, look at well-known problems for solutions that no one has thought of before, and work harder than anyone else. He had an easy method for judging the right opportunities: If it’s not going to pay off for our customers, it’s not going to pay off for us.”

Simplot’s recipe continues today, nearly eleven years after his passing. Jack’s company thrives in the farming industry worldwide. They are a true “farm to table” company by continually researching and participating in innovative “crop nutrient production,” “sustainability” and “passion for people,” says the website.

R. Simplot had purchased a large, antique tractor collection, which served as the idea for a community meeting place to not only showcase his tractors, but also provide a place of opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, growth, and innovation for all ages.

Have you explored JUMP?

They are open to the public Tuesday through Saturday.

To book a JUMP Experience, contact For scheduling events, attend a class or other information, contact or 208-639-6610.

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