Buy Idaho


by Cody Evans

What is the best way to keep revenue in the state of Idaho you may wonder? Buy Idaho figures it’s by buying local Idaho products. When we support the products that local companies offer we keep the wealth circulating in Idaho rather than flowing out…just like the Boise River.

Buy Idaho is a non-profit organization that has helped serve the Idaho industry for 30 years. Sandy Anderson, Executive Director of Buy Idaho, explains that Buy Idaho, which was founded by Governor Otter, has strived to provide value and opportunities to the local companies that they serve.

Buy Idaho recently celebrated their 30th anniversary and befittingly was one of the first events to be held in the new downtown Boise Center. Twenty-five members were present at the event, accompanied by members of the public as well. One of the main contributors to the event was a long-time member and supporter, Intermountain Gas. The governor was the keynote speaker, and there were seminars for attendees to network and  be educated on what Buy Idaho has done and what companies have to offer.

The evening ended with a celebration that highlighted the accomplishments of the past 3 decades.

Buy Idaho has done a remarkable job promoting the diverse products and services that Idaho has to offer.

It was originally created as a “business-to-business resource,” explained Anderson, “to keep jobs, taxes, and money in Idaho.” Today however, 1200 local businesses are involved in keeping what has been done in Idaho, in Idaho. When people think Buy Idaho they traditionally think potatoes and jelly, Anderson admits, but many of their trusted members offer services too.

Anderson said that they receive around two new members per week. These members have become a part of the Buy Idaho name to promote the brand and spread the meaningful message to encourage Idahoans to buy local.

When companies are seen promoting Buy Idaho they “have an advantage over other brands,” expressed Anderson. Simply put, people want to do business locally and are often proud to express their purchases originated in Idaho rather than the other side of the country. Knowing specifically where something comes from gives consumers comfort, knowing they are re-investing in their own community by spending their hard-earned money in their own backyard. Continuing this message will be Buy Idaho’s legacy for the next thirty years to come.

Additional trade events are planned for the future, encouraging networking and social media awareness for the entire Idaho community.  Anderson is hopeful for the future and expects to expand the organization further.

To keep the revenue created in Idaho, in Idaho, support the message of Buy Idaho by buying locally. Anderson and Buy Idaho would like to leave you with one last message, no matter if you are a business or consumer, “look for opportunities to Buy Idaho.”

Attend their annual trade show on January 18th to network and support the local economy.