Next Stop: KEYSTONE Station


Story by Taylor Walker, Photos by Amanda Antilla

“What if you brought in a few fake pine trees and painted the bathroom door like an old-timey outhouse with a half-moon cutout?” Kelsey squinted at the space near the back of the shop next to the kegerator as I made suggestions on how to enhance the store’s Pacific Northwest, outdoorsy vibe.

“Oh! You could use part of a big log as the table here and get a luxury camp chair instead of this one.” I gestured to the stuffed, bright yellow chair I was sitting in. Once she started chiming in about the addition of glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, I knew Kelsey was on board with building an indoor campsite to complement the VSSL gear and Levi Commuters shelved throughout the space.

Kelsey Miller and her sister Megan Quintero are the owners of KEYSTONE station in downtown Boise. Filled with work-to-weekend wear for the typical Idaho guy, KEYSTONE is the little brother to Boise’s popular SHIFT Boutique. The shop came to fruition in February of 2016 after hosting a successful men’s pop-up during the holidays, plus the serendipitous availability of retail space just around the corner from SHIFT. “We kind of guessed where we wanted to start,” said Kelsey. She recalled delving into the world of men’s fashion by volunteering Megan’s reluctant husband to model clothes while they studied how each piece fit. Megan opened their first order from RVCA, looking at the shirts and remarking, “Don’t you want to date this guy?”

For two women with very little experience in the men’s clothing industry, their eye for everyday dude wear—specifically in Boise—is spot on. Kelsey noted that nearly all of what they’ve brought into the store has been met with excitement from customers shopping for everything from boots to bottoms, and button-ups to basics. Having known Kelsey for a while, I attribute this success to the sisters’ ability to channel their personalities into their brand. What you see is what you get; if consistency is your thing, they’ve got you covered.

It doesn’t hurt that KEYSTONE also partners with nonprofits and a variety of local businesses on a regular basis to treat theircustomers and support their fellow entrepreneurs in the Treasure Valley. “We wanted to do this because we saw an opportunity for the business side, but more importantly we want to build a long-term relationship with the community,” Kelsey said. “We want to help Boise grow.” KEYSTONE has welcomed local brewers like Payette, Powderhaus and Edge Brewing to pour on site as a treat for customers during special events.


Since we’re on the topic of beer, one of my favorite characteristics that resonates strongly within KEYSTONE and SHIFT is that Kelsey and Megan keep things simple. Take for example, the inspiration for KEYSTONE’s name: “My father drinks a lot of Keystone Light,” Kelsey explained, poker faced.

I’ll drink to that, and you should, too. Stop by KEYSTONE station for a brew, an unexpected find and a purchase that will leave you saying “I finally have a place to shop!”


208.371.6666 Hours Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-4

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