The Love Language of Gifts


Busy Baskets 208 helps you give thoughtfully
By Triston Brooks   Photography  Kimberlee Miller
Nine months ago, Susan Pratt lay in bed, unable to sleep. She was full of excitement over a comment a friend had made earlier in the evening about one of her lifelong passions: handcrafted gifts.
As Susan describes it, “Gifts are my love language and I’ve always spent inordinate amounts of time picking things out for friends and family. Growing up, I made all of my own cards and wrapping paper.”
Bringing a smile to a family members face with a hand-crafted gift had always been immensely satisfying. When a friend made the suggestion that she turn her passion for gift design into a potential business venture, that was all the push she needed to run with the idea.
The past 13 years of Pratt’s professional career had been as a Data Analyst in the travel industry. While she enjoyed her work, it was a stark contrast to her love of artistic expression. So when she decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, she knew it was the right decision. Within days, she began researching and laying the framework for her newfound passion. And just like that, Busy Baskets 208 was born.
It is now nine months after that sleepless night. The business is in full swing, as Susan spends her days crafting gifts – each one carefully designed and curated. Clients have ordered celebratory gifts for everything from corporate events to birthday parties. With bridal showers, gender reveal parties, and newborn celebrations being some of her favorite occasions thus far. Hand crafted lotions, local brews, sweet treats, Idaho themed trinkets, and adorable toys can all be found in of one of Susan’s baskets, depending on the theme and client tastes.
Being a local business owner herself, Susan understands the importance of supporting other local, independent operations here in the Treasure Valley. When asked how she sources the items in her baskets, she made sure to emphasize how important it is that she keeps it local. “I source all of my basket items from local artisans as much as possible,” she said. “I use reclaimed wooden Idaho signs by Tho & Co., leather items from Timber Tiger, locally harvested lavender, handmade soaps form Mathair Earth, artisan water from Proud Source Water, local honey, and of course Scott Marchant’s incredible hiking guides!”
Pratt says that business is booming, and local reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Currently, she is enjoying the early stages of her business and is focusing on the nuts and bolts of growing her client base, as well as continually sourcing new local businesses that can provide items for her baskets. This, she happily says, has been, “The biggest challenge as well as the most fun! Finding different companies to source goods from for my baskets is time consuming, but I’ve met so many wonderful business owners in the Treasure Valley.”
Beyond traditional social media advertising and word of mouth, Susan has begun to participate in craft bazaars hosted by local breweries and recently began a partnership with First Peek 4D Ultrasound in order to expand potential client reach. But beyond simply growing her business, participating in these bazaars also serves to better the community. At these events, Pratt has a full array of assembled gift baskets for sale and takes this opportunity to showcase products from the ARC, an organization that helps those with developmental disabilities. 100% of proceeds from these particular items are donated back to their respective organizations in order to better help their cause.
When Susan isn’t working on designing gifts, she is often found attending local events, chasing good weather in the foothills, or listening to live music. Additionally, Susan is a foster parent for the Idaho Humane Society, a non-profit organization centered on the welfare of domesticated animals.
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