Artful Beauty or Horror Diva: Christl Colven


by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson

GB_Spin_092014_small3Makeup artist Christl Colven grew up in Sun Valley–her parents were ski instructors—but now she’s moved up in her mind to being a resident of the North End. Christl likes Boise because, as she says, it’s just “big enough to have diverse cultural activities but small enough that you can bike or walk to just about all of them. That sense of community–you lose that in cities like L.A.”

Christl has been an aspiring makeup artist as long as she can remember, but she first really got into it in high school, where she would give friends makeovers. At 17, she worked for Geneal Thompson, who owned Bel Viso, a makeup and skin care line from Utah. Three years later, Christl bought Bel Viso and operated it until she moved to Los Angeles to work in film and television.

left-Christl Colven, right-Morgan Fairchild (Actress)
left-Christl Colven, right-Morgan Fairchild (Actress)

She recalls, “I was probably about 5 when the makeup bug first hit. They had these little toy kits that had a lipstick, necklace, earrings and feather-covered mules, which are high-heeled sandals. I went through those quickly, always dressing up.”

Christl’s father encouraged her. “My dad signed me up for a Makeup of the Month kit. He also gave me a ‘how to’ book on makeup by the legendary Wayne Bandy. My mother had passed when I was just 13, and I’m sure he hoped that if I could learn to teach myself the art of makeup we could both avoid some embarrassment. He supported me whole-heartedly and encouraged me.”

When asked if she has any advice for aspiring makeup artists, Christl remarks, “Always be professional, flexible and helpful. Be kind to everyone you work with as you never know where your next job may be coming from. At first you may do a lot of work for free but it’s a great way to build your portfolio.”

“No two days are the same. You can create anything with makeup and be anything while wearing it. You can create confidence in someone who might not have any, and that can change someone’s life.”

left to right – makeup artist, Grace Zabriskie (Twin Peaks, Seinfeld, The Grudge), Christl Colven

Christl has some advice for aspiring filmmakers as well: “Create a relationship with the makeup team as they will help bring your vision to fruition.” What she enjoys most about filmmaking is watching “all these people come together, and through their individual strengths create a cohesive story.”

One of Christl’s upcoming projects involves the local Boise High senior theater class. Christl will collaborate with students on a short horror film that will be entered into the Idaho H48 film competition in October.

“With the kids’ enthusiasm and my expertise in special effects makeup I think we will be a force to be reckoned with,” Christl predicts. “I also have been creating some high fashion looks with Lenny Wheeler for magazine shoots.”

Christl was showcased at the RAWartist Boise event in 2013 and won Boise Makeup artist of the Year.

GB_Spin_092014_small4Christl’s passion is “creating confidence in people and making them feel better about themselves.” She is inspired by her 17 year old son Chance, Tim Burton, great music, nature, chocolate, and beer. Her hobbies include photography, drawing, Taekwondo, Tai chi, as well as Reiki massage. Christl has been practicing the art of energy healing within Reiki for the past 25 years, making its teachings a central facet of her everyday life. Recently, Christl attained the status of Usui Reiki Master. Through intuition, empathetic ability, and massage, she relaxes and helps her clients release burdensome stress.

Whether you want to look better, feel better, or can’t choose between the two, Christl Colven can help by contributing to the beauty of the Treasure Valley one client at a time.

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