Boise Bully Breed Rescue 


By Kayli Corbin Photo Kimberlee Miller

There are certain instances that highlight the wholly authentic and genuine goodness of humans. In a world that can be shrouded in tragedy, we find beacons of light to restore our faith in humanity, kindness, and most importantly – love. Boise Bully Breed Rescue (BBBR) is rooted in exactly that: warmth, compassion, an unending desire to rehome abandoned bully breed dogs from shelters, and a passion for education about these breeds and the overwhelming love they can share.

Being entirely volunteer based is a testament to the values this organization embodies. A group of rock star volunteers help wherever possible because it’s what they love to do. The rescue would be nothing without each and every person willing to dedicate their time, money, and love to this cause. Ashley Marelius, the Adoption/Foster Coordinator, used the phrasing “Welcome to the family, because that’s what we are.” The members of the community surrounding bully breeds are a true melting pot of individuals, brought together by a willingness to help. Word of mouth and social media play an integral role in the development and expansion of this community, and add to its close knit nature.  

Ashley’s story within this organization started over six years ago, as a foster dog parent. She began volunteering and realized that so many applications were coming in, some of them weren’t getting addressed. This need drove the creation of BBBR’s current hierarchy. Hundreds of volunteers participate to varying degrees to allow this rescue to function day to day. As the need continues to grow, their horizons continue to expand. Dogs have been accepted from as far as Ohio, Kentucky, and even Hawaii. The rescue boards anywhere from five to twenty dogs depending on need and resources.

Ashley explained that they pride themselves on having a legitimate process to successfully place the foster dogs in a proper, safe, and loving home. An extensive training process has been established to ensure that not only the dogs are fit to the home that they’re going to, but that the adopters are a good fit for the dog. The end goal of this process is happy dogs and happy people.
The perfect example of this comes from recent adoptee Silas, and his new mom, Shannon Jones. Shannon had never owned a dog of her own, and her house had gotten a lot quieter with kids grown and gone. She was unsure of what breed she wanted when a friend referred her to BBBR. She stated, “Long story short, I met him (Silas) and fell in love! The adoption process was simple and smooth. I’ve never adopted a dog and had a lot of questions/concerns. Ashley was incredibly responsive and patient–her passion for this cause is evident! I highly recommend Boise Bully Breed Rescue!”

Whether you’re interested in volunteering your time, adopting a dog of your own, or simply learning more about a misunderstood dog breed, we suggest Boise Bully Breed Rescue for all your bully breed needs!