Mossy the Squirrel

    Instagram Sensation

    By Janelle Stear

    Photos by Kimberlee Miller

    Meet Mossy the Squirrel

    A year ago, Tiara and her husband were relaxing on a cool spring evening eating dinner when they heard a loud, persistent cry. They found an abandoned, three-week-old baby squirrel, injured and clinging fiercely to the bark of tree, with a harsh sprinkler spraying her. They took the squirrel home, cared for her, and expected to release her.

    Why keep a squirrel?

    Tiara says “Mossy” is her name because she had been clutching to the bark like a small patch of moss. Tiara explains how Mossy will never survive in the wild. The trauma Mossy had suffered left her with an injured spine and a spiral tail. Tiara’s family chiropractor has been treating Mossy so now her spine is better, but she still has the spiral tail that affects her balance and tail mobility. You would not know this watching Mossy as she jumps around the house, with a zesty, energetic, playful manner. Mossy even pries open tin lids to find her treasured nuts then hides them in different places around the house, even in Tiara’s hair. She especially likes to bark at the family cat lounging out the window.

    Tiara says, “I never thought I’d have a pet squirrel… I have rescued other animals, but always released them. Mossy just is special and needs us.”

    A Squirrel’s Value

    Tiara wants you to know: squirrels are creatures that need a place to live just like humans. They almost never carry rabies, and are in fact, cleaner than most household pets. In the fall, we rake up the materials that the squirrels need to stay warm and nourished in winter; they hide their food to be able to survive during the cold. If, instead, we left some of the leaves by trees, then we would be helping to protect their natural habitats. And, if we would put out food for them, then they would be less likely to eat our plants.

    Tiara informs, “Squirrels use the entire tree for their survival, nourishment, and protection all year. They are intelligent and beautiful animals that want to coexist with us. They deserve a chance at life too. Let’s be kind to squirrels in Boise.”

    Mossy: Internet Sensation

    Mossy is bringing happiness around the world via her Instagram page. Some followers have shared that they suffer from ailments that affect their quality of life, but that they look forward each day to seeing Mossy’s posts because it uplifts their spirits. One follower sent Mossy a hand-crocheted hanging nest from Germany to sleep in; another in California sent date palm seeds. Tiara has been “overwhelmed” and “touched” at the output of support for Mossy.

    Tiara wants to continue to share Mossy’s kindness and love with others. “Mossy brings a joy to my life… Her companionship, her quirkiness, and the fact that she’s chosen to trust me is a privilege that I feel honored to have,” Tiara enlightens. “I share her life with others via her Instagram and around town because I don’t want to keep that kind of joy to myself. She has the potential to uplift and inspire people and I think that’s worth sharing.”

    Follow mossy.the.squirrel on Instagram.

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