Nurturing the Silence


Story by Taylor Walker, Photos by Jim Peterson

“You cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do, like a farmer, is create the conditions under which it will begin  to flourish.”

Author Ken Robinson shared this notion during a TED Talk in 2010. The core of his statement glows heartily in Sallie Herrold. In her own unique and gentle way, Sallie is a farmer. As the owner of Halo Hot Yoga in Meridian and Hollywood Market Yoga in Boise, she cultivates an environment where yogis of all ability can comfortably grow in their practice.

Six years ago, Sallie began practicing yoga. Like many beginners, she spent time looking around the room wondering how a person could possibly hold a half moon pose for two straight minutes, yet she found enjoyment in each class. She curiously explored different studios, various classes, and eventually a teacher training. “I had no intention of teaching yoga,” Sallie says. “I truly just wanted to learn more about it.”

With a background in business and a love for marketing, Sallie felt the pull to have a yoga studio of her own. “If it’s meant to be, something will happen for you. And it will happen very easily and naturally,” she imparts. Few things are as easy and natural as those ideas that come to us in our dreams, which is exactly what happened to Sallie. “I literally had a dream one night that I had a yoga studio in the North End. So, I drove around looking for a building, and the old Hollywood Market store was for sale.”

Although the conception of her second studio was not prefaced with a premonition, it was significant nonetheless. Amidst a potentially terminal personal tribulation, Sallie signed the lease to the Meridian yoga studio formerly known as L’hotse. As a former L’hotse client, she was armed with fond memories of the studio as it transitioned to what is now Halo Hot Yoga.

Olivia Humeston, a current Halo member, notes, “this particular studio provides not only an environment that promotes practice of yoga, but also instills inspiration.” This atmosphere is vital for the overwhelmingly new-to-yoga clientele that join Halo. The studio offers an average of six classes per day, ranging from the ever-popular Hot Hour to the freestyle flow of Vinyasa, which encourages clients to challenge their bodies in ways that inspire constant physical change.

Pushing poses to a new level is motivating in its own right, but Sallie isn’t just helping people find yoga, she’s helping them find everything else. From a very young age, we are taught to think too much, worry too much, and regret too much. “The quiet time at the end is what matters the most,” she reminds us. “It’s when you can listen to yourself.” Periods of breathing and silent rest are the moments in yoga that took Sallie from a fan to an addict.

“How much better would our society be if we taught people just to sit still and relax? If we taught them the ability to stop chatter and be present?” It’s almost difficult to visualize the slowing of pace and increase in connection that would occur if everyone took heed to Sallie’s instruction. While it may take a while to be comfortable disconnecting on a whim, the journey is made easier through yoga and Halo is a welcoming place to start.

Halo Hot Yoga

208.888.3350  |  3055 E Fairview Ave #210, Meridian, ID 83646